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Samsung launches Galaxy S5 in 125 countries, reveals Developer Edition for Verizon

Samsung Galaxy S5 Gold

Happy Samsung Galaxy S5 day!

Following its official debut back in February, Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone will officially hit shelves around the globe today. The Galaxy S5 isn’t making the trek to stores all by it’s lonesome, though. The Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit are also launching today. In total, Samsung says that its new hardware will be arriving in 125 countries.

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is sure to be one of the biggest smartphones of 2014, and it’s good to see the device finally making its retail debut after we waited more than a month between its announcement and launch. Best of all, the S5 will be widely available from AT&T, MetroPCS, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Verizon in the US.

In addition to launching the regular ol’ Galaxy S5, Samsung today outed a special version of its new flagship. A new listing on the company’s official website has revealed a Galaxy S5 Developer Edition for Verizon.

The Galaxy S5 Developer Edition features the same specs as the normal S5, but it’s likely that this model will include an easily-unlockable bootloader to make it simpler to tinker with the phone and load up custom ROMs. There’s no word yet on when the Verizon Galaxy S5 Developer Edition will actually launch or how much it’ll cost when it does.

Are any of you planning to pick up a Galaxy S5? If you’re still on the fence, PhoneDog’s video review is available below to help you through the decision-making process!

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Sources: Samsung (1), (2)

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