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Samsung Milk Music to move to in-app ad model, $4 a month ad-free service

Samsung Milk Music

We’ll forgive you if you’ve entirely forgotten about Samsung Milk Music. Milk Music is Samsung’s music streaming service that’s only available for some Galaxy devices, previously for free and ad-free. I have expressed my enjoyment for the service, as it’s legitimately pretty nice, but even I forgot about it entirely. However, there are some changes coming to the service.

Running a music streaming service, with all the licensing fees, can’t be cheap. Thus, the time of ad-free and subscription-free service is coming to an end. Samsung will soon introduce ads into the service, luckily keeping it free in the process. However, those who want ad-free service will have the ability to sign up for a $3.99 a month subscription, which will also offer some exclusive features.

While we don’t know what these features may be just yet, I’m pretty excited to find out. Though the service doesn’t particularly outclass others, like Spotify and Google Play Music, it has some nice features. Maybe Samsung can grow this service into something bigger. However, I can’t see myself using it for now. Do any of you still use Milk Music? Leave a comment!

Via: Engadget

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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  • donger

    Got Milk?

    • Paximos

      You can’t suck it for free any more :)

  • Eli Gaffke

    I have been using MILK almost exclusively since it came out. It’s a shame, but inevitable that it would go to ads and have a pay option. I like the interface a lot more then Pandora, and the variety is better with less repeats.