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Samsung rumored to be working on Gear Solo, a smartwatch with a SIM slot

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Smartwatches are all the rage these days, including the Pebble on its high pedestal and Samsung’s Gear series, which haven’t exactly been selling well. Google has even entered the smartwatch market with its Android Wear SDK. But because of their lack of connectivity, smartwatches really aren’t that smart unless they’re paired with a smartphone. Is this a problem that needs to be solved?

Samsung sure thinks so. According to reports, Samsung is set to release a new Gear smartwatch with its own SIM slot. Rumored to be called the Gear Solo, this smartwatch will feature full calling functionality (and possibly mobile data). This would allow you to make calls from your watch without the need for a phone. Of course, you’ll also need to pay for another line.

This rumor makes me wonder what the point of having a SIM-enabled smartwatch is. Do you really want to ditch your phone entirely and make calls exclusively from your wrist? I don’t. I think that this device probably won’t make it outside of South Korea. If it does, would you get one? Leave a comment!

Via: SamMobile

Source: Korea Herald

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  • Kurt

    I would buy it for non voice stuff. it would have email and music if I was just walking around. I guess to avoid the other phone number I would use google voice when it is available.

  • Erich

    I would, this is totally what’s needed. What’s the point of a non standalone smart watch. I don’t want to have blue tooth Connected, I might as well use my phone… . As far as a second phone number. Who cares. I would forward my calls from my phone to the watch when needed. This is the beginning of the way to go. Just wish they’d make it compatible with other devices…

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      Instead of forwarding calls from your phone to your watch… why not have the watch answer calls from your phone like traditional connected smart watches?

  • hp420

    I’m willing to bet it’s running tizen. That’s the biggest deal-breaker in existence for me…as is anything non-android.

  • zack s holcombe

    Thats whats up

    • Racklefratz

      That was helpful.

  • Bart

    Interesting dilemma. Either buy a watch that is tethered to your smartphone or buy a stand-alone watch that needs its own plan on a carrier. i think there is a market for both.

    1. For individuals that have already discovered how invaluable and indispensable smartphones are, since they already carry their phones with them, the tethered watch makes more sense.

    2. For individuals that still fight the desire to get a smartphone (I know several in the 30 to 60 age group), a “Dick Tracy’ watch that can provide them limited smartphone capabilities as well the opportunity to have their phones on their wrists, this may be an excellent solution. It may also be to the mgfr’s benefit because these could be the “baby step” into smart devices. As long as the price point is good, it could be a win-win situation for everyone.

  • o solo mio

    i like han solo more

    • Racklefratz

      Does not compute. The soccer video has *what*, exactly, to do with wristphones?

  • Rob

    I’ll buy one when they release a phone-sized handset that tethers to the watch. That would be perfect – when I want to reduce my footprint, I go with the watch, which has basic functionality. When I want more, I take the phone that uses the watch’s cellular connection to give me a full-sized display.

    • hp420

      how is that any different than the current setup, other than the watch having the primary service? you still have to carry both and tether pone to the other, so who cares which one gets the primary signals?

    • Racklefratz

      Eh, not so much. When you need a “full-sized display”…..you carry your laptop.

  • gk

    I’m looking for such kind of a thing. It’s too messy to strap my iPhone using an armband while running. I would certainly consider a standalone smartwatch with just RunKeeper installed on it.

    If you are aware any such thing, please let me know.

  • Racklefratz

    I’m being forced to retain a landline phone I don’t want to keep my rural coop TV service. We already pay for 2 cellphones every month. Would I pay an additional upcharge monthly for a watch? Not only no, but hell no.

  • dog99

    A sim watch is already available and it is very cheap.

  • donger


  • sam

    sure it make sense,currently am using samsung gear wich to me is a waste of money, but if they should come up with sim slot I feel it will go a long way.