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Samsung sues newspaper for damages due to negative reports on Galaxy S5

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Samsung has been having a bit of trouble in the media lately. First, it was found that Samsung was paying people to write good things about its devices and bad things about other products, and now the Electronic Times has written a negative article regarding the Galaxy S5, the new flagship that’s about to be released worldwide.

Strangely enough, Samsung’s reaction to this negative article is to sue the newspaper that published it. Samsung is suing for 300 million KRW ($284,000 USD) in damages for false claims. The company is afraid that these negative reports will keep people from buying the Galaxy S5. While that fear is warranted, suing a newspaper for defamation like that rarely goes well for a company.

On the other hand, newspapers can publish wrong information, and so Samsung may be trying to protect itself. It isn’t specifically a lawsuit about a negative opinion. But tell us what you think about Samsung suing a newspaper for false claims. Is the lawsuit fair and warranted or should Samsung just suck it up? Tell us in the comments!

Via: Apple Insider

Source: mediatoday.co.kr

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  • Nathan Elcoate

    As much as I love Samsung, this is BS from them.

    The S5 wasn’t what everyone was expecting and that’s the truth Samsung.

    Freedom of speech. This isn’t North Korea.

    • renyo

      Erm… Samsung’s from South Korea… Also I have read a similar case before (not from Samsung though)… And the worst part is that company won…

      Thing is one has to see if the review published is leaning towards facts or towards opinions…

      • PacoBell

        “Erm… Samsung’s from South Korea…”

        • PacoBell


  • Bruce E Harang

    The news media editorializes and calls it news. It is easy past time for the news media to be called to task. Good for you Samsung.

  • Joel

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  • rauelius

    I’d like to know what information that Samsung found false. Could it be the writer actually told readers that the advertised 16GB Device only has 5GB free for Apps, and the fact that Not all Apps can be fully transferred to an SD-Card, hence making a 16GB model of the S5 relatively pointless and bordering on false advertising.

    • renyo

      Only 5 GB?! woah! That sd card is god sent!

    • dog99

      It’s funny that htc fan boys only bring up touch wiz bloat, but how much less space does sense use? To me, I have used htc and samsung, I see know difference, pure android is the best.

      • Burnd

        Sense 6.0 takes up 6GB, so there’s 10GB left on a 16GB device. Although, every normal functioning human being would expand the storage. You’re not buying the S5 or M8 to reduce yourself to 10GB of storage. If you do so, the joke’s on you. :p

        • steve

          That’s exactly how much free space is on my Note 2, so the new touchwiz uses 5 more gigs

      • illregal

        The thing is.. In the States, only the 32gb HTC One is available. And only the 16gb S5 is available.. For the same price.
        Plus Sense takes up about 2 gb less then touchwhiz. So you really have to be a special kind of herp derp to buy a samsung. Unfortunately there are plenty of these people.

        • steve

          That’s how I feel buying from a company like htc, that doesn’t update phone, well the one they do, forget about all else

      • slimx30

        well my Htc one came with 32Gb of storage. I had over 20Gb straight out of the box. and it cost less than the gs4 which came with about 9GB of usable storage out of the box

        • Ybcthanerd

          My note 3 had over 22 gb out of box

    • jiba

      There’s 11.3 gb free. What about newspapers publish correct information?

    • surethom

      1000% agree & is samsung cared about its consumers, they would never release a Flagship phone with less than 32gb. Memory is so cheap.

      • rauelius

        I love Android, but I hope that the iPhone6 has 32GB as the base model, with storage going up to 256GB. If Apple can pick out in ads where an Android User (Galaxy S5 or HTC One M8) is limited to the 5GB or so of storage and can’t get an app, while an Apple User can freely get any size App, due to a realistic storage amount for 2014. I think embarassing the Android manufacturers might be the only way to up the storage on our devices. Either Apple or maybe other vendor, I’d normally say HTC, but they got on the stupid train and have a 16GB(5GB) version of the HTC M8, so it’s as much of a trash “Flagship” phone as the Galaxy S5.

        • 0ffthegrid

          When Moto released the Razr Maxx I thought all the companies would put bigger batteries to compete but it didn’t happen. The only companies that can force innovation are Apple and Samsung. Everyone else just has to try to be better than them.

  • SubX

    Samsung can go screw themselves. Yes I like Samsung’s white goods but when it comes to their phones, they can go get stuffed.

    Journalists are free to write as they wish when it’s comes to products and items. It’s called freedom of speech and being entitled to our own opinion.

    Grow up Samsung and face it. Your not the only smart phone OEM.

    I can’t really comment on the S5 as I don’t have one more seen or used one howver from the pictures and what I read about it, it looks to be a crap attempt for an updated flagship.

    Go HTC!

    • namesib

      You should try researching the veracity of the first sentence of the second paragraph in your post before commenting.

  • Unique

    Look if Sammy wants to stay at the top they cannot afford to falter when it comes to flagship devices
    Seems to me they are still so far up Apple rectum that they haven’t realised there is more focus on them to bring real innovation. So now all they can do is cover there mistakes…. Shame on you Samsung

  • dog99

    If the negative comments are true, then shame on samsung, but if this writer was cutting up samsung with false information, then I agree with Samsung. Samsung is becoming a lot like Apple lately

  • Garrett

    I often see reviews where it’s obvious that the reviewer simply doesn’t know much about the device. If you review something you should be intimately familiar with it, especially something as complicated as a smartphone. As much as I don’t like litigation it can be very possible that Samsung is suing because the review is full of bad information while casting them in a bad light. They could, for example, say something bad about the camera but be showing shots done at the most mini settings. Or simply didn’t mention many of the features that the phone has, and then goes on record as saying the phone didn’t implement any new features.

  • Joshua

    As long as the article writer did his due diligence of labeling his writing as an opinion piece there isn’t much Samsung can do. They can’t say, “Your opinion is wrong”. They can’t even say, “You based your opinion on false information”. However, if the writer did not write the article as an opinion piece and instead tried to make it a factual delivery then he may need to answer to defamation. Without a link to the article (Samsung is probably paying Androidandme) it’s kind of hard to make a decision now isn’t it?

  • ymppa

    The serial copycat litigator is at it again! Interesting reaction from a company that suddenly realizes not all people are dumb enough to buy their low quality knockoffs.

    • steve

      Low quality? Doesn’t every single company use samsung parts? I think so, so there must not be any good phones

      • ymppa

        Quite a far fetched analogy.. Do you think that processor or some other chips are all that makes a phone? Does using Samsung manufacturing plants for Apple designed processors bring plastic covers and bloat sw also to iPhones?

  • surethom

    Does this mean we can Sue Samsung & other for misleading claims about their phone & tablets. Samsung is shooting itself in the foot by suing them.

  • Rasta Silver

    I wonder if CNN ABC and all the major Media Companies in America states that Apple iPhone is a high priced midrange Phone am sure a lawsuit would start so let’s stop the hypocrisy

  • SGB101

    If this is over lie published, then Samsung have the right to sue the paper.

    Papers think they can write what they like about who they like (or dont), and thus may go someway to make them feel more accountable for their words.

    Now if this is over them not reviewing the device the way Samsung hoped, it’s BS.

  • donger


  • slimx30

    “It isn’t specifically a lawsuit about a negative opinion”

    That’s what it seems like. Samsung is looking bad here. Sorry not everyone likes the gs5. It was pretty much agreed by a lot of tech websites that the gs5 was nothing special. All the gimmicky bloat samsung puts on their phones and the cheap build quality is really starting to show. Samsung is running out of ideas. Not everyone can be on top forever.

  • Cory

    Samsung has managed to become worse than Apple. If it weren’t for Google I bet they would start suing LG, Motorola, and HTC.