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Samsung users spend little time with company’s own apps


Samsung is known for loading its phones up with custom apps like S Health, S Note, S Voice, ChatON and more. But do Galaxy owners actually use these apps? That’s what research firm Strategy Analytics set out to determine.

Based on data from more than 250 Galaxy S III and Galaxy S 4 owners that was gathered in March 2014, Strategy Analytics reports that users don’t spend much time with Samsung’s custom apps. Galaxy S III owners spent around 6.2 minutes in ChatON, Group Play, S Memo, S Voice, Samsung Apps, Samsung Hub and Samsung Link during the month of March, while Galaxy S 4 owners used the same apps for approximately 9.3 minutes.

The report also measured how much time Galaxy S III and S 4 users spent in accessing Google Play, Google Search and YouTube. The Galaxy S III owners spent approximately 217.6 minutes in those three apps, while Galaxy S 4 folk used them for around 228.9 minutes.

It’s no surprise that many of Samsung’s own apps don’t get much use from consumers. Galaxy owners likely either have alternatives to apps like ChatON that they prefer or they just don’t know about other preloaded apps. Meanwhile, Google apps like Search and YouTube get heavy usage because most everyone knows what they are and are accustomed to using them on their computer.

Did your smartphone or tablet come preloaded with any bloatware? If so, do you ever use any of those preloaded apps?

Via: Wall Street Journal

Source: Strategy Analytics

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  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    Samsung should read this and give up making their custom apps, and focus on making their phones work as fast and as smooth as possible with the Android OS and Google apps.

    • ant

      android is far from optimized blame Google not Samsung

    • John in Brisbane

      They won’t though … They’ve built a lot of their branding narrative around all that stuff. And it all looks awesome when hot exotic people are using it!

      Honestly, why don’t they just do an ad which had those aforementioned people playing ping pong with a ticker along the bottom announcing the new phone. Maybe they can play ping pong with the phone? It’s probably going to be big enough. Ping pong with the light sabre app running. Problem: identified, solved.

  • John in Brisbane

    Yes, lots. And no, job one with each new phone is to remove or hide it all :-). Another reason why I’m particularly interested in the one plus one.

  • WaitAMinute

    Wait a minute. Did you say the number two hundred and fifty? Out of how many million??? Are you serious?

  • Haggie

    Got my new S5 from T-Mobile, immediately installed Cover and Nova Launcher and I never saw TouchWiz or Samsung app…

  • Mil

    Hardly surprising. The first thing I do when I get my phone is to uninstall and disable all the bloatware. I’m all for consumer choice so why not put these applications in the Play Store and allow users to choose whether they want them or not. Shoving them down people’s throat by having them installed as system apps is stupid.

  • MitchRapp81

    Every Samsung user I know: Buys Samsung device, WOW THOSE APPS ARE SOOOO COOL. day 2, check out the apps, not bad right? — day 3, hey, how do you deactivate an app? — day 4, ok dude, I need to unlock it and install a ROM like noooooooooooow.


    • DirtyBudha

      Past Samsung phones I’ve owned:
      - Day 1-Root and install stock debloated.

  • thel0nerang3r

    The study is of 250 users. Samsung sells millions of units. That’s really stretching the statistics.

  • kzlife

    I use their note taking app a lot! :)
    Although there’s a very limiting length of text which you can enter..
    Apart from their note app, mostly everything else is just rubbish..

  • DirtyBudha

    Truth is, NO ONE wants these stupid bloatware apps. The ones Samsung developed are barely used, if at all. The only ones I kept were SNote, so I could draw ideas out on the fly, and Action Memo (Note 3) for when I need to make a note while on a call.

    Luckily, I root the moment I get in the car from a purchase and install “debloated stock.” Then I remove the gimmick stuff.

    As I’m sure most will agree, the phone manufacturers don’t care what the public wants. They want to shove things in your face and hope you’ll like something. The Nexus and the OnePlus One grab our attention because they offer EXACTLY what the consumer wants; A PHONE THAT RUNS THE BEST VERSION OF ANDROID. Nothing more and nothing less. Sadly, HTC, Samsung, etc. don’t care.

    That’s why we have XDA and the awesome developers that streamline Android for our devices.

  • donger

    So true.