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Samsung’s poor working conditions called out during Galaxy S5 launch

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The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a joyous occasion for many, just as the release a brand new device should be. Unfortunately, not everyone is happy today. On the day of the Galaxy S5 launch, Businessweek has called out Samsung  for its dangerous working conditions.

This isn’t the first time Samsung and the health issues in its manufacturing plants have been in the spotlight. From explosions to dangerous substances, we’ve heard it all. But the focus of this report is on a few deaths and many cases of leukemia that’ve been caused by the carcinogenic materials used consistently in the plans. More than 56 cases of leukemia and other blood-related cancers have been found in Samsung manufacturing plants as well.

Many of us often like to ignore issues like this and just want the device in hand, but it’s a pretty serious issue. Bringing problems like this to light force Samsung to do something about them or risk serious consumer backlash. Once a large group of people know about these issues, it becomes much easier to punish a company by not purchasing its products.

We’re not telling you to stop buying the Galaxy S5. But keep in mind how your devices are made, whether it’s from Samsung or Apple or any other company. Many of these plants share the same issues, so don’t think this is exclusive to Samsung. Let’s hope things will change soon.

Via: The Verge

Source: Businessweek

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  • Bart

    Just plain sad. Dealing with leukemia and chemo myself, I sympathize with the workers who work so hard to bring us these products at the risk of their very lives. Reminds me of an insightful scripture at Ecclesiastes 8:9 which states that man has dominated others to his own harm.

  • Burnd

    Wow, this actually came to me as a shock. Bad working conditions is one thing, but life threatening situations and even a death count is insane. How is it possible such modern, popular and extremely profiting company can get away with doing these things? My heart goes out to those people and their families.

    • Chris

      It’s always about money… so you shouldn’t be surprised at all. The general rule is… if someone or something feels they can get away with something… they WILL! Also, some of the nicest and most respectable “looking” people or companies are usually the worse. More money buys you a better image.

    • 99steven

      Anybody praying for the un safe conditions in North America? We all see and hear crazy stuff where we work

  • tulio

    it sucks but all manufactures have a way of abusing their plants, thats why they are all produced overseas where laws are not as strict as here in america and taxes don’t prevent them from doing so, apple is suppose ot be an american company yet thye produce with foxcon in china, go figure

  • vyshak

    i really pray for those families… but i am not sure whether these story is real or fake… there are some sites which is only for bashing samsung. and they are clearly saying that, “it becomes much easier to punish a company by not purchasing its products.” or else please provide a proof or a news regarding this.

  • 99steven

    So I guess it’s only a big deal when you are dealing with a power house company? I don’t think anything that comes from Asia is made safe. Give me a break, we can’t even get kid toys from there without finding out there’s lead in the paint or some other dangerous material in it.

  • donger

    Sad. and their devices are shiny plastics.