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Samsung’s premium Galaxy S5 may feature ‘KQ’ codename, super high-res display

Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera

Now that the Galaxy S5 is officially on store shelves, it’s time for rumors of a new and improved version of Samsung’s flagship smartphone to pick up steam.

A new report from SamMobile claims that Samsung is cooking up a “premium” version of the Galaxy S5 with the internal codename “Project KQ.” It’s said that the device is currently in the mid- to late-phase of development and that at least one version of it is packing an octo-core Samsung Exynos 5430 processor and QHD (2560×1440) display.

It’s also said that this premium Galaxy S5 will pack LTE connectivity. In the version destined for Samsung’s home market of Korea, the unit will reportedly feature Samsung’s own LTE modem. Meanwhile, the model for Europe and other international markets is rumored to be packing an Intel-made XMM7260 LTE modem that includes support for speeds of up to 300Mbps.

We’re just now starting to see smartphones with 2560×1440 displays introduced, including Oppo’s Find 7, and it’s expected that we’ll see more from the likes of LG and others in the coming months. One of the tent-pole features of most of Samsung’s flagship phones have been their displays, so it’s no surprise to hear that Sammy may be prepping a smartphone with a super high-res screen to go up against the other QHD handsets that’ll be coming to market.

What do you make of this rumor? Would you be interested in a premium Galaxy S5 with a 2560×1440 display?

Source: SamMobile

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  • jeddo45

    I don’t think that would make current S5 owners very happy. You have a flagship of a flagship? It would be smart to make that the S6.

    • Mark

      This is why i dont get the latest greatest anymore company’s pull this shit

  • redraider133

    I wonder if they will keep this as a galaxy s5 variant or make it a new line? I could see a lot of upset users who just bought the s5. Just another reason to not be an early adopter.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    I don’t see a lot of current S5 owners (NOT including people that read this site among others) to get too pissed about it – I mean most of them don’t even know what QHD is, and even some enthusiasts don’t think batteries are ready for it. It will peeve some, for sure, but I don’t think as many people will be pissed as some think.

    That being said, I wonder if this movie is due to the reviews of the S5. It seems that all of the reviews say it’s a great phone but not really worth upgrading if you have the S4 or Note 3. Even JK Shin himself said there is no premium S5 (prior to the S5 launching that is). It just makes me wonder if Samsung is letdown by the reviews and now wants to put out something that the S5 should have been.

  • 99steven

    Seems to me that the just released s5 should have been premium to begin with, it is 600 bucks after all. They shouldn’t call it the s5 if they do improve it, it should have a different name, then it wouldn’t make buyers of the s5 mad.

  • Hector

    The head dude of Samsung not to long ago said that there was no plan for a premium S5! And like Jeddo said there would be a ton of S5 owners really angry at Samsung.

  • Nigel

    There’s always something better than the current product in the lab, waiting for production quality and cost issues to resolve. There are indeed often 3 year roadmaps.

    Anything you buy which is brand new top-notch comes with a price premium if you chase that curve you are poorer.

    Personally, I don’t see improvement above 300ppi with my ole eyes and I’d like to see improvement in battery life as the focus in the 5″ screen market

  • lambsharkxo

    hope this one isn’t made of plastic, or has a back that resembles a sponge. but wont get muh hopes up

  • josephi

    I passed on the Galaxy S5 hoping for a premium version. If it shows up I have my checkbook ready. If it doesn’t I’ll just save my money and wait till next year.

    • Dee

      You and me both! I’ve been holding back from buying the S5 ever since I caught wind of the prime or premium S5 they’re talking about. “Cmon Samsung don’t make us wait any longer!” :-)

  • domi1k

    hahahaha I so warned you guys when the Samsung VP denied it..
    you must be retarded to believe the salesman http://androidandme.com/2014/03/news/samsung-ceo-jk-shin-ends-speculation-about-premium-galaxy-s5/

  • vie

    Hmm,,, btw. maybe in asia Samsung Galaxy S5 supports 4G/LTE network is not yes. responsibility to help in the know, please help me…

  • King Guest

    This isn’t a new rumor right? The s5 specs were not much of an upgrade from s4…
    The people who bought s5 either:

    1. Regular casual phone users, not a phone enthusiast
    2. Don’t know what these specs mean, just knows “wow heartrate monitor awesome!->buys”
    3. Didn’t hear about the premium rumors
    4. Lost/broke their phone and needs a replacement asap
    5. Samsung fanboys

    Either way, unless they have 200-600 dollars to spend, s5 owners finding out about this will most likely be unhappy getting what supposedly be the flagship of the year. It’s like buying the newest video card that just came out then 1-2 months later the same company makes an even better one.

  • Kiran

    Of course Samsung galaxy S5 having extraordinary features. But can not say with surety about its premium version Project KQ It may come or may not be.I think they should launch s6 now instead of premium version. Till now enjoy the features of New Samsung galaxy s5.

    Check all its features at official Samsung site

  • Nick

    Galaxy S5 launched in Mobile World Congress Barcelona Spain, after 1 month of its launch HTC launched M8 with same day availability on stores and now the next is Nexus 6 which is expected to launch in the mid of June and after that iphone 6 in September. Well the phone I am waiting for is Nexus 6 and iphone 6. I’ve heard about galaxy S6 on http://galaxys6news.com/ which is now in rumors.So,is this true? But right now after comparing both of them I will choose the best one in the list of my next gadgets. Although right now I am using Nexus 5 which is qi enabled support wireless charging , but still I will take a chance on iOS this

  • donger