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Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition receives $200 price drop, now at $449


The Sony Xperia Z Ultra is huge, with a 6.4-inch display, but it’s a powerful device. It was top of the line until recently, with the new wave of Snapdragon 801 device. Despite that, it still holds up very well. To add some appeal to the device, Google and Sony have dropped the price of the Google Play edition by a whopping $200, leaving it at $449.

With a 1080p 6.4-inch display, a 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage with a microSD slot, an 8MP rear camera, a 3,050 mAh battery, and a thickness of only 6.5mm, it’s definitely a competent device. Plus, you get stock Android and quick updates, something many enthusiasts will definitely appreciate.

If you’re interested in picking up this giant device, hit the source link to go to the Play Store. $449 is a great price, though a 6.4-inch smartphone isn’t exactly appealing to a huge amount of people. Do you know anyone who bought one or is buying one now?

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Source: Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition

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  • http://www.brokemanstech.com Juan Almanzar

    If it would run on Verizon I would actually really consider it. I use a note as my work phone so the size wouldn’t bother me and the price does make it extremely competitive. Unfortunately I am one of those in the boat of only being able to keep my unlimited plan in exchange for full retail phones. I was going to hop on the moto x but with its successor on the horizon, I don’t want to pull the trigger just yet.

  • 99steve

    My note 2 screen is on its way out, I think I might pick up this bad boy because I am moving away from Samsung. I way really hoping to pick up the one plus one, but with that invitation cap, I don’t think I will get my hands on one. Too bad for them, me and the wife need new phones

  • 99steve

    I just wish the Z ultra came with the same camera as the Z, a 20.7 mp camera

  • MyMilan

    This is good news. Looks like OnePlus is already having an effect on other manufactures lowering their price. Hope this trend continues.

  • Jason

    Damm that’s soooo tempting….

  • donger

    Should have waited.