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T-Mobile’s new $40 ‘Simple Starter’ plan promises no data overages


Ready for a stream of T-Mobile news? If not, you’d better prepare yourself, because T-Mo says that it’s got three big announcements coming in the next few days.

The first of the trio is T-Mobile’s new Simple Starter plan. Available beginning April 12, the Simple Starter plan includes unlimited talk and text, 500MB of 4G LTE data and tethering support. T-Mo says that there are no data overages associated with its new plan. Instead, consumers will be alerted when they hit the 500MB threshold and then will be given the option of buying a 1-day data pass with 500MB of usage for $5 or a 7-day data pass with 1GB for $10.

The Simple Starter plan is compatible with T-Mobile’s early termination reimbursement offer that it launched back in January. Simple Starter customers can also enroll in Magenta’s JUMP early upgrade program.

While 500MB isn’t exactly a boatload of data, it’s certainly manageable if you frequently find yourself around Wi-Fi hotspots. The good news is that even if you do manage to hit that threshold, you’ll have the option of sticking to Wi-Fi for your data needs for the remainder of the cycle or buying some additional megabytes for $5 or $10. Hooray choices!

What do you all think of T-Mobile’s Simple Starter plan? Is anyone planning to sign up for it later this week?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • http://www.androidandme.com Nick Sarafolean

    Seeing as T-Mo doesn’t have data coverage in my area, this is actually a great deal.

  • Nigel

    How is this any better than say StraightTalk MVNO of AT&T at $45/month (which with discounts is about $40/month) for unlimited text, talk with 2.5GB data cap?

    Seems “me too” with which isn’t the cheapest and nothing to gain to move to.

    Still, all those on their high $79+ contracts could see the cost reduction benefit.

    I’m on the 2.5GB/month cap and I average 200-800MB/month, so 500GB/month is quite do-able I’d just make my phone warm me at say 400MB so I trickle use til next month.

  • RK

    As compared to At&T and Verizon, it is the best plan, you get additional data even at cheaper rates……..check out………..>>>>>> http://www.telecomvibe.com

  • 5644

    t-mumble has zero coverage – everywhere!

    • Galen20K

      what a Lame insult, is that the best you’ve got? lol

  • Matt

    For a company promising to simplify, they surely are complicating matters with all these plans, each offering certain free been.. Others exclusions, and changing prices and olans

  • Tim

    That is exactly what I am thinking. They are just add charges along with new services that most people don’t need or want. They took away the discounts due to only one group gets them and it is not fair to the other customers. What happened when they grandfathered the discounts for one group and any new customers just get screwed. If that is all they got ATT and Verizon are going to adjust and in the end they will win.

  • donger

    Go T-Mobile.