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Amazon smartphone may be announced in June, display 3D images


Amazon Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle FireTV…Kindle Fire smartphone? If a new rumor is to be believed, Amazon will add a smartphone to its hardware lineup later this year.

Sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal say that Amazon is working on a smartphone that’s capable of display 3D, hologram-like images without the need for special glasses. This feature is reportedly achieved by using retina-tracking technology in four cameras or sensors placed on the front of the unit. No other spec details of the device are mentioned.

Amazon is said to be aiming to announce its smartphone by the end of June, followed by a launch by the end of September. While still very much a rumor for now, an Amazon-made smartphone would be a pretty big deal in the wireless space, and it’ll be interesting to see if Amazon is able to make a phone display 3D images and do it well. After all, we haven’t really seen a successful implementation of a 3D feature in a smartphone yet…

Source: Wall Street Journal

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  • dallas crushes phoenix

    the Kindle Firephone will be huge success (and iPhone 6 of course)

  • Dave

    Hmm… It’ll be interesting to see how it looks, and it’s feature and spec set.

  • Boob

    Fuck amazon the after the kindle fire HD being unlocked/rooted they have been on top of things with the HDX. Development over at XDA is still pretty much dead and when exploits are found amazon quick to patch.

    This phone will be no different

  • SGB101

    Why would they go 3d screen? The whole selling point of the Kindle fire was price, to get you into the Kindle ecosystem.

    Plus HTC has done the 3d,it adds nothing. Just look at tvs, the oems are slowly dropping it. As well as the tv channels (in the UK at least), so I can’t see many programs /films, being made for 3d in the future, plus are devs going to devote energy into making apps 3d ready for such a small subset.

    Save your time and money Amazon, more to the point save the customers money. Put an off the self 720p screen in it. 1080 if you must, but not 3d.

  • Guest

    Gonna depend on price & carrier. Will it likely be GSM or also work on CDMA. Subsidized or not? Cheap phone that works with Fire would be attractive to current owners, especially attractive for prepaid plans or Tmobile. 3D wont matter to high end phone consumers… Also will it again block Google Apps, likely locking you into Amazon ecosystem

  • jump

    Smartphone is an advanced gadget. Advanced technologies and new features have been squeezed into the smartphone. They key features are the internet, e-mail, camera and a lot more.

  • donger


  • James

    Great Read. Does anyone here use Clippings.io for organizing book notes? Just wondered how anyone else was managing their notes?