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Android Device Manager’s guest mode allows you to manage your device from anywhere

Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager (ADM) is one of the more important Android apps to launch in a long time. With ADM, users can remotely manage their lost or stolen Android device by erasing all the data, resetting the lockscreen PIN and locating the device via GPS. Today ADM is being updated to give users a new way to access their devices.

In the new ADM, tapping on the account name near the top of your display presents an option to use guest mode, which allows anyone using ADM to sign in, manage their device and sign back out. That means anyone using ADM, which everyone should be, will have access to their Android devices from any web browser or any other Android device with ADM installed.

The update should be available in Google Play now. If not it will be shortly. If for some reason you aren’t using Android Device Manager, use the widget below to make sure you’re all set up in case of emergency.


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  • Si

    One doesn’t need ADM installed on one’s device in order to use ADM from the browser.
    Just go here
    Sorry if I’ve misunderstood what you’ve said, but I’ve seen too many sites imply that ADM has to be installed on the device in order to be of any use. Quite simply, that’s wrong.

    • joebloh

      What that guy said.

    • Tma


  • Pluggdd India

    Do we really need these expensive phones to have the increased level of privacy using Guest Mode. This was the question that we asked ourselves (not everyone can afford the G3 in India). We can up with an app that does exactly the same thing, that is, provide you with a guest mode of access. You can download the app from Google Play ( Use it and let us know if you like it or hate it :)