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Google Camera update lets you take photo snapshots while recording video


What’s the best thing about Google splitting off its Camera app from AOSP and putting it in Google Play? The ability to quickly update the app to add – or in this case, re-add – features without sending out a major firmware update. Today’s update allows you to capture a photo while recording video.

We know, it’s not the biggest feature in the world, but it’s certainly nice to have. Thanks to an update that should be available on your Android device of choice soon, Google Camera users will be able to take a photo of whatever they’re capturing a video of without having to back out and change modes. Just about every other camera app on Android already has this feature (including the Google Camera at one point) so it’s nice to see Google getting its Camera app up to speed.

Google made a handful of changes to most of their apps at last year’s I/O, so don’t be surprised to see more features added to Google Camera in just over a month’s time. Once you snag the update, let us know if you see anything else that’s changed.


Source: Android Police

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  • CF

    I’ve already been able to do this on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2014. Yes, nice feature to have.

    • Dima Aryeh

      To be fair, you could do it on most devices in the last few years. Google took this feature out of Google Camera, but put it back in with this update.

  • surethom

    Nice update & glad it is separated app for quicker updates.

    But the major feature that is still missing is a 6ish megapixel Widescreen option, 2megapixel widescreen is no use to anyone.

    Hope this gets updated sooner rather than later.

  • kiki.utena

    An article about Google Camera app and the photo is a HTC phone. Could have used a Nexus, i.e. Google device or any other manufacturer but somebody made a decision to use HTC. Given nearly every article that appears on this site has at least one commenter stating you have a HTC bias or worse even paid for by HTC I would have thought your picture choice would have been a little more careful. I’m beginning to wonder if the commenters are right. It’s probably only subconsciously but this site defnitiely does appear to have a HTC bias.

  • donger

    Yes, glad they brought it back.

  • NasLAU

    Finally I can use this camera without reservation. This is my favorite feature by far and the reason I hated the last update.