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Google Hangouts battery drain bug fixed internally, release should be soon


The new Google Hangouts app is fantastic, especially because its SMS integration works so well. With the latest update to 2.1, the Hangouts experience was improved even more with full integration between Hangouts and SMS conversations. However, it also brought with it a battery-draining bug. Some people have been noticing some pretty severe battery drain on their devices after installing the update.

Luckily, Google has already found the culprit and fixed the issue internally. The fix isn’t public just yet because it’s still in testing, but it should be released fairly soon as an update to the Hangouts app. Now we just have to wait for the update to be rolled out to Google Play. At least we know that Google has found and fixed the issue.

For those suffering from excessive battery drain, know that you have friends out there. Help is coming soon. And for those unaffected, be thankful you don’t have to deal with your device dying at a faster-then-normal rate. Have you felt the pain of the battery-draining bug?

Source: Google

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  • David

    Yes, what a pain this was for the first few days after the update. Luckily, Android having the community it does I managed to find an APK of the last version before 2.1 until this was fixed.

  • AnthonyRyan

    thankfully! now i just need to get vibrate off i’ve turned it off on sms and hangouts and changed my notification tone but vibrate is still on any ideas for the Nexus 5 ?

  • Alan

    Here’s hoping they also fix the bug where it doesn’t properly match phone numbers to contacts! I’ve had to switch to Handcent for now because of this.

  • underseaglider

    Google+ Hangouts have come a long way in the short time they have been around. With the latest update to their Android mobile App you can now join and initiate Hang out from wherever you are.

  • christy p benny

    Yes, my phone is now severely affected with the bug. Yesterday, after a full charging and little surfing over the internet, and half an hour of game play, my moto g came down to 17% of battery charge and when I just opened the camera app, all of a sudden, the phone switched off showing 0% battery… I suspect that the hangout bug is the culprit. Could somebody send me the apk link of earlier version of hangout?

  • PeterC

    First use of Hangouts ever, but on my PC
    Not using Samsung Note, but attery drained & Tablet shutdown with 5% battery
    Not a great advert for continuing to use Hangouts

  • Tom

    I never use Hangouts and still since yesterday May 21st my battery is lasting half a day… (“google play services” and “android system” are pointed by the system as the most energy consuming bunches of processes)
    Can this still be related to this version (however it was installed on May 8th)?
    Or is there a new application which behaves the same (I removed all updates of google applications I don’t really use — kiosque, google+ — which had updates in the past few days)?

  • techdrive5000

    Google is forcing you to use this inferior app. Even the Apple app has phone calling and cool features and bug free! Since Google shut down all voip apps from working you would think they would activate the calling feature for android, but no. Even giving us back the original Talk spp which worked flawlessly would be nice. Guess they are herding all the sheep into a propriety dead end street. Hangouts is a joke. It sucks at best and the updates are just pacifiers to keep some of the complaints down. It’s time for Google to step up and provide the millions of users a working app or let us choose our own without blocking our choice!

    • brad

      Dont know what your problem is, I can make calls from Hangouts. If you think hangouts sucks you have not really used it, which is obviouse since you have not noticed that voice calls work.

      • Guest

        You probably want to give the iOS version a spin. It allows for VOIP calls from Hangouts. The calls from the Android version is just passing you to your normal dialer.

  • jnaught

    I didn’t have the battery drain, but reverted back to the system sms app because my contact pics weren’t showing. I liked Hangouts; but no contact pics is a deal breaker.

  • bassdelux15

    Hangouts been eating my battery like crazy, way more than my screen at times. Glad to see a fix coming soon