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Google Now finally sets timer when asked


Google Now has a ton of functionality built in, allowing you to control many functions of your Android device with just your voice. And on devices that have Google Now voice activation on the home screen, or even better everywhere, it becomes a very useful way of using your phone on a daily basis. However, like with all Google products, Google Now has had its quirks.

Luckily, one of these quirks has finally been fixed by the folks at Google. Asking Google Now to set a timer now works properly and will set a timer in the default clock app. This even works on custom skins, like TouchWiz. Ask it to set a timer, hit one button or wait a few seconds, and a timer you have.

This simple functionality went too long without actually working as intended, so we’re happy to see if work. Try it for yourself and tell us how you like it!

Via: Android Police

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  • jerrbomb

    I love this feature on my Moto X. Ten times better than having to go into the app drawer and setting it manually…

  • Sam N

    It’s not a “fix” for everyone. I was perfectly happy with it estimating the time to the next whole minute rather than setting a timer that is exact to the second but forces you to use the default clock. I much prefer Timely as it syncs alarms and now instead of being a few seconds off on my timers I have to remember to say “alarm” instead of “timer”, otherwise I miss the notification if I’m not near the device I used to set it. My question is: why can’t we have both? Let us set a timer based on time-from-now rather than time-of-day AND allow third party apps to be the default.

    I understand my situation may not be the same as everyone else’s, but speaking for myself this is NOT an improvement.