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Pandora for Android gets Pebble support in latest update

Pandora Pebble

iOS users have been enjoying Pebble support for Pandora radio for about a month now, with Android users left out of the experience. That is until now, as Pandora for Android has been updated with support for the famous little smart watch. The app will now prompt you to download the Pandora for Pebble app.

With the new functionality, Pebble users will be able to play, pause, change track, change stations, and rate the songs. It’s nice to see support added for the accessory, even if it is a little late. Though Android is becoming a priority for many developers, some still prioritize iOS over our favorite green robot.

If you own a Pebble, update the Pandora app and it should notify you to download the Pandora for Pebble app when your smart watch is connected. If not, head to settings, where you can start the install process. And most of all, enjoy the new functionality!


Via: Android Police

Source: Pandora

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