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Samsung proudly introduces ‘LeBron’ app for the obsessed fan in you


Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought, “I wonder what LeBron James is doing today? What has he eaten? What’s he wearing? What else is he doing besides playing basketball? I need more LeBron. I NEED MORE LEBRON!!!” If you’re nodding your head and you’re a Samsung Galaxy owner, then boy have we got good news for you.

Samsung has just released an app simply titled, “LeBron.” I’ll give you one guess what it’s for. That’s right, it’s like an auto-updating, commercialized, diary-esque, social-fed Wikipedia article exploding exclusively on your Samsung Galaxy device. From the app’s description:

LeBron shares his life on his phone, but he’s putting it down to focus on the playoffs. Don’t want to miss out? Don’t worry, we got you.

Get an all-access pass to LeBron’s game, life, and journey with never-before-seen content and clips throughout the playoffs. Download custom lock screens and wallpapers, check stats, and watch LeBron strive for greatness as the competition heats up.

Re-live LeBron’s biggest plays and go behind-the-scenes with LeBron the Athlete.
Track LeBron’s stats, game schedules, and results during The NBA Playoffs.

See LeBron’s game day kicks, look, meals, and music with an inside look at his Style.

Get inspired by the LeBron James Family Foundation and the family moments that have influenced his Journey.LeBron AppSamsung

I feel inspired just copying and pasting that. I’d write more about how great this app really, truly is, but I have to go buy a Galaxy S5.


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  • sandwich

    Ok, I have to admit… I clicked through to this article to find out what the heck a “LeBron” was. A new line of Smart TVs? A Samsung-made shaver? Oh, I see… something to do with sports. Nevermind. :p

  • steve

    Who cares what that illuminati puppet is doing! May he burn in hell

  • LeBaguette

    We europeans dont care about your american football players

  • Richard Yarrell

    Nice little application pretty fluid

    • Orion78

      Living proof that anything crappy Samsung does…you eat up like a ignorant sheep.

  • donger

    Typical Samsung move.

  • Donald Sterling

    Hes a black man but wears a ‘white hot’ shirt. i think thats racist.