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Archos announces $170 Android powered ArcBook


Archos has just announced the latest entry into their portfolio of interesting devices: the $170 Android powered, touchscreen enabled ArcBook.

The ArcBook is essentially a netbook running Android with a touchscreen. Or an Android tablet with a permanent keyboard attached. Either one works, and we’re not sure if either one will help to sell it. While it is cheap at $170, and doesn’t look half bad, specs wise the ArcBook looks to be a real bummer. The touchscreen is 10.1-inches at 1024 by 600, it comes with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of on-board storage, microSD slot, a couple USB ports and is powered by Android 4.2.

You can grab an Archos ArcBook starting next month. But if it were my money, something like a Nexus 7, Nexus 10 or Note tablet with an external Bluetooth keyboard would be my choice. Then again, $170 is pretty cheap. What do you think? Is the Archos ArcBook exciting? Or have you already skimmed this short article just to read the last sentence and comment about how bad it is?

Source: Archos

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  • Dan Jones

    Every time I get some innovative product from Archos, I’ve been disappointed. They’ve got great ideas, but suck at execution.

  • Haggie

    I can see the tagline now: Tomorrow’s configuration with yesterday’s internals…

  • Dovice

    Actually, this is an ideal laptop for kids. Spec isn’t important, but if they break it, better that than a $400 iPad or $500 Dell!