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AT&T Galaxy S5 gets a small update, adds two bloatware apps


In the world of carrier-branded devices, there is no way to escape bloat unless you root and remove all of it. Maybe some AT&T Galaxy S5 users thought they were lucky, and they had somehow avoided getting Lookout installed on their devices. It’s been on every other Samsung device as part of a deal, so why not on the AT&T Galaxy S5?

Well, it turns out that was simply a mistake, and one AT&T is glad to correct. A new update is going out for the device which is only 46.73MB in size, and all it does is install Lookout Security and Yellow Pages. Two bloatware apps no one wants and are not removable. What a wonderful update!

Be warned that ignoring the update notification will most likely force the update on you, but disabling the update service in Settings may help. However, if there are any future updates, you’ll need this one installed anyway. There’s no escaping the bloat. How many of you guys have gotten this update, and how pissed are you? Leave a comment!

Via: Android Central

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  • Sabrina


    • jason johnson

      Is this also because they have found an exploit for root?

  • Jon

    The nice thing about the S5 (and maybe other Samsung… not sure if this is a Kit Kat thing) is that you can go into Manage Apps and “turn off” to keep it from running. I did this with almost all AT&T apps with no down side, and I just did it with Lookout and Yellow Pages.

    It’s silly for carriers to install bloatware, but at least there’s a way to turn them off.

  • John Wong

    These Bloat ware or in simple words I could say that pre loaded useless apps by the respective carriers not only fill up the internal storage of device, but also cover up the RAM and the major issue arises is that due to background running of these apps the battery of Smartphones get drained soon. Well, but now charging is no more remain issue as I can charge my Galaxy S5 by simply placing it on wireless charger without removing the flap of device, which is quite annoying.

  • TJ

    BTW it added Reactivation Lock, a very useful feature that was only available on Verizon at launch.

  • jkissiah

    this is total crap I don’t want bloat ware .

  • Dan

    This is exactly why I left this company!! Locked down. Its like buying a fast car that won’t drive fast, well mf I want to go fast! lol same with their devices I want ALL of the features that came with the device!

  • javierf

    Really at&t? it’s bad enough that the galaxy s5 comes with less than half of there advertised 16 gigs but now you take up more of my precious space with crap? Thank you at&t much appreciated. Not! !

  • Eddy

    I’ve got the update applied yesterday but was able to disable the bloatware.
    However I cannot have my lockscreen wallpaper back. I have a black lockscreen wallpaper now and I cannot get rid of it.

  • Benjamin Mcclelland

    This is bullshit! I force stopped my call location ID because it says 10 day free trial. I didn’t ask for a fucking 10 day free trial. What else can am I permitted to delete?