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CNN iReport comes to Google Glass


Ready to take citizen journalism to the next level? CNN has just announced a new app for Google Glass called iReport. Already baked into the default CNN app for Android, iReport allows you to share first-hand images of newsworthy events for the world to see. And now you’ll be able to do it directly from Google Glass.

When Google Glass was first announced, it was the promise of what third-party developers could do with the wearable computer that really got us excited. While CNN’s iReport may seem a little boring in a way, it’s a perfect fit for Google Glass.

According to the blog post from CNN announcing the app, all you’ll have to do to get started with iReport is authorize the app to send notification to your Glass, link your iReport account and sharing to iReport will appear as an option for pictures and videos.

Once Google Glass is finally launched to the public, and the price hopefully takes a sharp nosedive, expect to see more third-party developers embracing Glass, adding to its functionality. Despite Glass being available through the explorer program for some time now, it’s hard to remember it really hasn’t even launched yet. This is only the very beginning.

Source: CNN

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  • Bart

    Oh dear. Apple will probably sue CNN for the “i” in “iReport.” Lawyers, get your engines ready and scrub your grubby little hands together with greedy motion.

  • AllenAlex

    You can go out and buy a TV for what it cost for this overpriced crap and watch CNN