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EVGA mistakenly asks customers to open up tablets for cleaning


As many of you know, EVGA generally manufactures and sells computer hardware. Whether it’s motherboards, graphics cards or power supplies, EVGA products tend to reside in a computer case. Computers, especially powerful ones with plenty of air flow, will accumulate dust and will need to be cleaned once in a while. So EVGA customers typically get an email reminding them to clean their products every 30 days.

Dear EVGA Member,

Thank you for your purchase from EVGA! We like to make sure that you are receiving and will continue to receive a great experience with your EVGA product.

Have you looked inside your system recently? Dust can be a tough foe against your hardware and EVGA is here to help. Take a few minutes to open up your system and make sure your system is running clean and cool at the same time. Here are some simple steps to keep your EVGA product running for a lifetime of use.

1. Every 30 days get some canned/compressed air and clean out your system. Dust can cause heat issues which can lead to hardware failure if not maintained and cause an unwanted RMA in the future. Remove your components one at a time to thoroughly clean them. Take the time to keep your system clean and keep it running.

2. Preventing dust is just as important as keeping it out of your system. Some cases have built in filters to prevent dust and build up from entering your case. Make sure to clean or replace any filters to maintain good clean airflow into your EVGA system. Don’t have any filters? Take a look online for some simple ways to add filters to your case and keep it clean.

3. Running water cooling? Have you flushed your system recently? Water cooling can become a nightmare if not maintained. Make sure to flush your system to prevent mold, algae and build up from creating complications. Make sure to clean your system fans at the same time, blocked air flow on your radiator can cause just as much trouble.

Following these simple steps to maintain your EVGA system will improve your gaming experience and keep you fraggin’ for a lifetime.

Thank you,
EVGA Customer Service

It’s a nice reminder, that’s for sure. But EVGA also sells the Tegra Note 7 tablet, and those who purchased one from EVGA got the same email. What, you didn’t know your Tegra Note 7 was water-cooled? Well, if you’re tempted to crack open your tablet and start shooting compressed air everywhere, we suggest you don’t. Not only is it unnecessary, you risk breaking something by opening the tablet, and you will also void your warranty.

This whole situation is a mistake, but it’s definitely a funny one. Props to EVGA for sending out such emails at all, it’s a nice touch to a respectable company. How many of you own a Tegra Note 7? Have you received such an email? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Android Police

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