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Facebook app for Android to gain support for ID-ing music, TV shows and movies


This year has been pretty big for Facebook and its mobile efforts. So far in 2014, the company has launched a new Paper app for iOS, acquired messaging app WhatsApp, pulled its Poke and Camera iOS apps and launched a Messenger app on Windows Phone. Today Facebook announced that it’s making another big mobile move by adding new a media recognition feature to its main apps.

Facebook revealed in an official blog post that it will be updating its Android and iOS apps to add a new feature that can identify music, TV shows and movies and then add that information to a status update.


When the feature is turned on, users will see an audio icon when writing a status update. Clicking this icon will allow the app to try and recognize the media that you’re consuming, and if a match is found, it’ll be added to your update. Music-related status updates will include a 30-second preview of the song that you’re listening to, while TV updates will name the season and episode that you’re currently watching.

Facebook has been improving its status update functionality lately to include more information about your friends and the places that you visit, and this media recognition feature seems like a natural way to improve its status updates even more. Users will be able to easily tell their friends about the song that they’re listening to or the show that they’re watching, and other users can then learn more about the content directly from that status update.

Facebook says that this new feature will roll out “in the coming weeks.”

Source: Facebook

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  • Ryan Paredez

    Why is this post about the Android app and there is nothing but images of iPhones in the article and video.

    • Dirty Budha

      I noticed it too, but the article references the iOS.

      • Ryan Paredez

        A reference is fine. This is even an Android blog. I know they can’t control the video, but at least have images of FB on Android devices.

        Just bugs me a bit.

        I use the beta version of the FB app anyway. I’ve never seen any of this.

  • Dirty Budha

    I uninstalled the Facebook app after looking at the permissions it requires. Even deactivating these permission, individually, caused it to no work.

    • Kimbo

      I did too. I just use the mobile app. Not only that, but the layout of the new version of the FB app sucks, and it’s too difficult to sort the feed by Most Recent.