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Facebook may be prepping new Snapchat competitor known as ‘Slingshot’


Just a week after Facebook pulled its Poke app from the App Store, a new rumor has emerged that claims that the company is building another Snapchat competitor.

Sources speaking to the Financial Times claim that Facebook is prepping a new app known internally as “Slingshot.” The app is said to feature video chat and a simple, speedy user interface that allows users to capture and share short clips with just a couple of taps.

It’s said that Slingshot could launch as soon as this month, though one tipster suggests that Facebook could still decide not to release it all. Today’s report doesn’t specify which platforms the app might be made available on.

Snapchat is currently one of the hottest mobile apps around, and it recently gained a significant update with chat and video call features that garnered quite a bit of attention. Considering Snapchat’s popularity, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Facebook take another crack at creating a Snapchat competitor. Just because Slingshot is backed by Facebook doesn’t guarantee that it will see success, though, as Snapchat is a well-established app and users may not want to switch away from it unless a new app offers a significantly better experience.

Do any of you use Snapchat? If so, would you be interested in this new Snapchat-like app from Facebook?

Source: Financial Times

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  • CW

    Facebook should take the One Plus One approach..

    Create or allow a small start up to be created under the umbrella of Fb that appears to be separate from Facebook and let them market and develop a product that really they’re affiliated with.

  • macehook


  • 547

    TAPTALK is the news star, Slingshot will be a carbon copy of it. I heard the Taptalk guys are already in talks with their lawyers, mulling a billion dollars sue

  • Cwalden21

    The new snapchat update with video chatting still needs work. It is very buggy. If FB can come up with something bugfree(or at least to the user) it could become a hit.