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Google gives you another way to follow it by joining Instagram


If you’ve got an Instagram account, then I’ve got a new user that you may want to follow.

Google officially joined Instagram today, posting an brief video that shows off the interactive Rubik’s Cube doodle that is currently on its homepage. As of this writing, the Google Instagram account has 8597 followers and is following 3 other accounts: YouTubeGoogle Glass and Google Maps. It’s bio is “Google unfiltered–sometimes with filters.” Good one, Google.

Following Google’s official Instagram account isn’t likely to result in your getting special info on upcoming products or anything like that, but I’m sure that the company will post fun images and clips that any Google or Android fan can enjoy. I’m kind of surprised that it took El Goog this long to get on Instagram, but hey, it’s finally happened. Hit up the Instagram link below to give Google a follow.

Via: The Next Web

Source: Instagram: Google

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