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Google Glass enters into open beta sales for everyone


Been itching to get Google Glass? You’re in luck. Google announced today that Google Glass is entering into an open beta phase of sales, meaning that it will once again be available to everybody. But this time, it’s not just an exclusive one-day event. This time, Google Glass is on sale for good. Bear in mind, it still costs $1500 and Google is continuing to call it an Explorer edition. But for that $1500, you get Glass in any color, with a free frame for prescription lenses or shades, if you’re into that sort of thing. The usual accessories are also bundled including a carrying pouch, charger, and mono earbud.

While it certainly isn’t a final product yet, it’s good to see that Google is at least taking steps and getting closer to a mass consumer version of Glass. If you’re willing to dish out that kind of money, you can order your pair from the source link below. And remember, let us know how you like Glass if you do order a pair!

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Source: Glass

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  • BlazeHN

    How much will the final product cost? Any estimations?

    • Bart

      There have been some estimates thrown about on a few websites. I doubt Google would officially announce that at this point because if they did all the beta buyers would probably hold off for the cheaper price- just my opinion.

    • stenzor

      $1, Bob