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Google Now adds bill reminders to its repertoire of features


Google Now has learned quite a few new tricks in recent weeks, including the ability to cache cards for offline reading and support for alerting you when products that you’ve searched for online are available in a store nearby. Now Google has taught its personal assistant another skill, and this one will help you keep track of your finances.

As noted by Android Police, Google Now has gained support for showing you bill reminders on Android. The feature gains information from your Gmail account and can display the company that’s billing you, the amount of your bill, the bill’s due date and an option to view the original bill email.

This new bill reminder feature is yet another way that Google Now can help to make your life easier. I’m sure that most folks have either forgotten to pay a bill on time or nearly forgotten, but so long as you’ve got this feature enabled and check Google Now with any regularity, that should no longer be a problem.

Has this new bill reminder feature shown up in your Google Now yet?

Source: Android Police

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