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Google Play adds PayPal billing in 12 countries


There are many ways to pay for your apps on the Play Store, if you live in the appropriate country that is. Here in the US, we have the option of using a bank card, gift card, or have it billed to our carrier statement. These features are available in many countries, but as of today, the Play Store is getting a new payment method.

You will now be able to pay with your PayPal account in 12 different countries, including the US and Canada. All you’ll have to do is enter your PayPal user info, and the payment will be seamless from there. No dealing with a separate PayPal interface. Good on Google for making it easy to use instead of having to go through more screens and buttons.

Google is also spreading carrier billing and Google Play gift cards to more countries. Carrier billing is now available in a total of 24 countries, while gift cards are now available in 13 countries. And if you’re a developer, 13 more countries can now sell apps on the Play Store. If you previously weren’t able to, hit the source link to check out if you now can!

Source: Android Developers Blog

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    Might have been nice to mention which counties or a put up a link to a source page or something. :P