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Google posts Android Wear notification screenshots, explains how to add support to apps

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Ever since Android Wear was first announced back in March, details on both the hardware and software have steadily been trickling out. Today that flow of information continues thanks to some images and video published by El Goog that show off how Android Wear notifications will look.


Googler Timothy Jordan recently shared some screenshots of Android Wear notifications from apps like the Nest thermostat, Calendar, Clash of Clans and a podcast. The notifications include detail about the alert itself, an icon indicating which app it originated from and, in the case of the podcast playback notification, the ability to pause or change tracks.


Google has also posted a video that shows developers how to add Android Wear notifications with multiple pages to their existing apps. Adding Android Wear alerts only requires the developer to tack a few extra lines of code onto their existing app. Once completed, these notifications can include stacks, multiple pages and voice replies.

The Android Wear notifications shown off by Google look pretty nice. Not only do they allow apps to deliver information to users without requiring them to pull out their phone, but they also include several pages for showing additional info and also include playback controls. Perhaps the best news of all is that it looks fairly easy for developers to add Android Wear notifications to an existing app, which is great for anyone hoping to jump on the Android Wear bandwagon early since it means that it shouldn’t be too difficult for developers to adapt their existing apps to Android Wear.

What do you think of Android Wear so far? Do you plan on picking up an Android Wear device?

Via: Engadget
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