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Google purchases Divide mobile security, planning integration into Android?

Divide Google purchaSE

Mobile security has been a huge issue for Android, at least if you believe the mainstream media. You’ll often hear about how insecure and dangerous Android is because anyone can post apps on the Play Store and there is no selection process, a la Apple’s App Store. You’ll hear that a lot. However, as many of you already know, it’s very uninformed. Android is quite safe and getting safer all the time.

With each app uploaded to the Play Store being thoroughly scanned, each app installed to your device outside of the Play Store scanned and your entire device being scanned periodically for malicious activity (if you choose to allow it), not much can get by and cause damage. Plus with each Android update, the OS gets safer and more secure. It’s actually a very impressive set of services working together to keep you safe.

However, Google still hasn’t pushed into the enterprise market. Sure, many Android devices are already being used for enterprise, but the experience could definitely be better. So Google has purchased Divide, a company that provides enterprise software that keeps personal and work data separate. It’s similar to Samsung KNOX, if you’ve used it before.

This purchase could mean that Google will get serious about enterprise and integrate Divide in some way into Android, allowing native “container” support to separate data. This would definitely help a lot of people accept Android as being enterprise-safe, especially if it was easy to use. Hopefully it won’t interfere with rooting and modding if Google decides to integrate it.

Would you use a future enterprise security system integrated into Android yourself? Do you actively use an enterprise system right now? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

Via: Android Police

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  • Terry Wilcox

    Splitting the data is only part of the solution — just like if you stored all your data on a the D Drive on a PC .. so you still need to ensure there are no malicious apps attacking the phone to protect against any hidden or illicit intentions: automatic sending of dubious SMS, theft of data, phone interceptions, transmitting security information, tampering with mobile payments, etc. You will need something like CheckMyApps running in real time for complete protection.

  • Guest

    Every Android phone Ive ever had usually has some security app like lookout. But if people root their phones and start downloading from unauthorized sites, they can’t be surprised if they are compromised

  • ranman

    I have rooted all my Android devices over the past 5 or 6 years, downloaded and installed many apps from the Play Store and other sources such as Amazon, and I have never had a virus on my phone. Over those years I usually have had some type of virus scanner on my phone, such as lookout, mcafee, etc and I cannot remember any of them detecting a virus on my phone.

    I think it is mostly a lot of hype and hysteria over a platform that people are not used to and do not understand sometimes. Android is not Apple iOS.

    Use your head when installing an app. Read the reviews, look at the ratings, see how many downloads it has. If its the 1000th app that you have scrolled through, has a 1 star rating and people are calling it spyware, then don’t install it…….