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Gorgeous puzzle game Monument Valley comes to Android

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There aren’t many apps or games that still give us App Store envy, but when the hauntingly beautiful Monument Valley launched as an iOS-exclusive, we were a little jealous. Thankfully we don’t have to be jealous any longer, because Monument Valley is available now for Android.

Created by Ustwo, Monument Valley is what happens when you cross the works of Brian Eno and M.C. Escher and turn it into a puzzle game. There isn’t much more you could ask for out of a $3.99 game: the gameplay is fun and intuitive, the artwork and music are amazing and the mysterious storyline and atmosphere suck you in. Just about the only thing we wanted more of were levels to play.

In the world of free-to-play games and in-app purchases, $3.99 may seem like a lot to pay for a game with 10 levels. Trust us, though, it’s well worth it. Head on over to Google Play and buy Monument Valley now.


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    Well, it was challenging and full of bright colors, but I didn’t expect to get through all ten levels in a day. Disappointed to have gotten through it so fast, but I’ve spent more money on matinée movies, which didn’t last nearly as long. It would be nice if they added some levels.