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Heavy speculation: New Nexus under codename Flounder coming soon?


It’s been awhile since we’ve been able to talk about a new Nexus device. Over the past several months, since the release of the Nexus 5, we’ve heard rumors on everything from a new Nexus 8 tablet coming out eventually, to a new Nexus 10 making an imminent appearance, to Google ending the Nexus program altogether. You can file today’s information under new Nexus in the works — if you use your imagination a bit.

Spotted by Myce, what appears to be an interesting new hardware codename has made an appearance in the Chromium issue tracker. The name is “Flounder” and there’s several good reasons as to why it might be a new Nexus device. Every Nexus device in the past, from the Galaxy Nexus to the Nexus 5, has used a codename associated with fish. Which would make Flounder fit right in. Also tied to the name Flounder is “volantis.” Volantis (GoT reference?) is also listed as a device. We’re not quite sure what to make of that yet.

The usual take this with a grain of salt disclaimer applies here, but with a Nexus 10 refresh long overdue and Google I/O right around the corner we can’t help but get a little excited. It might turn out to be nothing, but be on the lookout for Flounder in the coming weeks. Who knows what might pop-up.

Via: Droid Life

Source: Myce

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  • 99steve

    I would like to get the next nexus but the one plus one seems even better, with a 13 mp camera and 5.5 inch screen

    • Noel

      True…but we don’t know yet what type of specs the Nexus will come with. Even tho it is rumored LG will be the OEM, i would rather have a switch…HTC making the Nexus 6 and LG making the the Nexus 8 tablet. HTC needs to have a crack at a Nexus phone again with their build quality and the type of specs available today…no Ultra-pixel camera allowed.

    • hp420

      Agreed….I’m having a really tough time decising if I’m going to wait for the N6 or if I should just pull the trigger on a 64gb 1+1

  • Vivek Jindal

    i think it will be a modular phone. #projectara #phonebloks

    • SGB101

      To soon, they may hand out some of them at io tho.

  • hp420

    I’m betting it’s a successor to N7 or N10, if anything. These seem to be announced earlier in the year than the Nexus phone counterparts.

  • Elli

    According to me “Flounder” is a hint for Google’s next Nexus 8 that is manufactured under HTC or it might be the alert for the launch of Nexus 6. Well, I don’t want to assume further as whatever the code meant for, I could expect the best from Google. I am using Nexus 5 which is the best phone I have ever had till date. I like it 2300mAh battery that after fully charged on wireless charging pad runs throughout the day.

  • SGB101

    An 8″ would be nice as long as they shrink the bezels, keeping the footprint the same.

    I’ve never liked the huge bezel on the two 7s

    • Nigel

      +1 but modified to suggest the older N7 which it’s narrower side was larger than the newer N7, make it back that wider size and then also get rid of the bezel. It’s 8″ then and still holds in one hand. When watching media on N7, I end up with pixels wasted at top+bottom as the screen not wide enough due to a huge area of nothing for thumbs to grasp.

      8″ diagonal at 1280×720 = 1468 diagonal , if 1468 = 8″ then 7″x 4″, a small bezel all around is say 8″x 4.5″ current N7 is 7.87 x 4.49.

  • tmoore4075

    Would hope for the new phone, and didn’t think about it at I/O but maybe. If they are branching out, and not just releasing the Nexus phones in the fall, then maybe, but won’t hold my breath. The OnePlus does seem awesome but I still like to have a phone directly from Google.