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HTC: AT&T One (M7)’s Sense 6 update to roll out next week


Heads up, AT&T HTC One (M7) owners, because it looks like you’ll soon have an update coming your way.

HTC executive Mo Versi has revealed that the AT&T HTC One (M7)’s update to Sense 6 has received technical approval, which means that it’s ready to roll out to consumers. Versi went on to say that the update is expected to begin going out over the air “early next week.”

There’s no word yet on exactly what the AT&T One (M7)’s Sense 6 update will contain. However, because the Sprint and Verizon models received goodies like updates versions of BlinkFeed and the Gallery UI, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the AT&T One (M7) get a similar treatment.

How many of you are rocking a One (M7) as your daily driver?

Source: @moversi

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  • Jason

    At&t is too slow in software updates.

    • Pus Gut

      Woe is Jason! The pain, ohhhhh the paiiin.

  • Danny

    Come on. Next week? Geez

  • hashmat

    HTC ONE battery is not staying 6 hours & some time my mobile body is very heat

    • HTCOneM7Onwer

      I had the same issue, after following many post nothing solved the problem. My last hail marry was reset the phone, that work, it’s been over a month and I have not experience over heat and battery is good again.

      • ihaveonetoo

        when you mean reset do you mean turning it off and back on or completely resetting to factory settings?

        • HTCOneM7Onwer


    • dre

      Try removing some unused apps. I found similar issue with battery life and after removing a couple applications, it improved significantly.

    • Babar Shah

      Same problem with my set. I keep remain on charge 10 hours out of 24= 😠

  • sarmad

    Htc one m7 sense 6 update is not available in pakistan.why?

  • nicky

    is there gOnna be an upDate of Sense 6 for hTc one miNi ?.thEy shouLd aLso havE it cOz i was reaLLy lOoking foRward fOr my mobiLe phOne nOw.

    • Pus Gut

      WaT lOL, uR cRazY!!

  • Sebastien Fuger

    Why did it take this long? We’ve been waiting a while. AT&T already has bad reviews all over. They have easy opportunities to change that like updating their phones on time but they don’t. And next week huh? Early? Yeah we’ll see. My next phone will be not be on AT&T.

  • Guest

    What about the unlocked version? Any idea as to when that will start receiving updates?

    • Mike

      The unlocked and dev versions are already out… They rolled out 2 weeks ago.

  • doge

    Wow! Such update. Much excite! Terrible slow….

  • baroo

    Am using the unlocked htc one m7 in nigeria haven’t received the update been going nuts

    • shayne

      Hell wat update cause I didn’t get an update yet I’m pissed!!!!!!

  • Jeff Collins

    Will this update fix the “purple camera” that the last OS update caused?

    • Brandon

      No update has caused this problem with the camera, nor can an update fix this problem. It’s a problem with the censor in the camera and the only way to fix it would be to replace it. Your best bet would be to contact HTC so they can repair it for you.

      • Jeff Collins


  • dave virgo

    My camera look reddish pink in low light is something wrong with my phone?

  • dave virgo

    My phone has a reddish pink look when I take a picture in low light