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HTC ‘flounder’ and Google ‘molly’ devices teased by Android 4.4.3 changelog


Get your pen and paper ready, folks, because today I’ve got a couple of new codenames that you’ll want to make a note of.

A changelog for Android 4.4.3 was discovered in the Android Open Source Project today, and buried deep within the .txt file are references to a couple of heretofore unknown devices. The first is the HTC “flounder.” There aren’t any details about the hardware within that file, but a second AOSP page discovered by Droid-Life includes a “Tegra” reference, suggesting that the device will be powered by an NVIDIA chip.

So what might the “flounder” be? Well, it’s worth pointing out that past Nexus devices have carried fishy codenames, like the Nexus 4 “mako” and Nexus 7 “grouper.” Since “flounder” is also a type of fish, it’s possible that this product could be some sort of new HTC Nexus device.

The second mystery device outed by this changelog is a Google product codenamed “molly.” The document includes things like “SET_TOP_BOX,” “drm” and “Update from Nvidia,” all of which suggest that this “molly” may be a set-top box with an Nvidia chip inside.

For now, most of the details on both the “flounder” and “molly” are up in the air. Considering the hints that we’ve gotten from this changelog, though, these are definitely two codenames that Android fans will want to keep an eye out for.

What do you think that the “flounder” and “molly” might be?

Via: Android Central

Source: AOSP

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  • Dan

    A molly is also a type of pretty common aquarium fish.

    • Dan

      Just “thinking out loud” here, “molly” makes a lot of sense as a codename for a set top box because a molly is an aquarium fish, whereas most of the previous fish code names have been ocean species. A set top box sits in your living room…just like an aquarium. Pretty clever! Of course the codename could have just been randomly picked, but it’s a happy coincidence if it was.

  • Nigel

    Chromecast II ?

  • Charlie Callow

    Well it’s coming up to one year on after the Nexus 7 release and too early for Nexus phone release which is always in Q4. Therefore I feel the Flounder will be an HTC Nexus tablet, likely a 7/8″ model to replace last years Nexus 7 but it could possibly be the long overdue Nexus 10 replacement. The Molly will likely be the launch flagship device for the new Android TV platform – possibly also with gaming features (which would make sense given that it supposedly has an NVIDIA Tegra chip). In many ways I expect this will be the effective successor to the Nexus Q and will likely also carry the Nexus brand – possibly also being Google-built like the Nexus Q or Chromecast.

  • Lisa

    According to me HTC “Flounder” is a hint towards the launch of Nexus 8 which is rumored to be launched by HTC this time. Nexus 7 was launched by ASUS but this time the developers of ASUS are busy on their own tablet. So Google take the risk by assigning the task to HTC who has poor track record with none of their tablet is at top in the world of Android based tablets. If this is a rumors not confirmed, then I suggest them to go for LG who made the best ever Nexus 5 for Google. I am using it from last 6 months and loved all its features like 2.3GHz snapdragon processor, 2GB RAM and 2300mAh battery that once fully charged on qi wireless charger runs all day long.

  • Cam

    So just like a real Flounder has two eyes on the same side of its head, I wonder if the new nexus will have the Duo Cameras like the HTC M8…