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HTC: One (M8) selling quicker than One (M7), Desire 816 performing strongly


HTC had itself a bit of a rough Q1 2014, posting revenue that was down 22 percent from the previous quarter as well as a net loss of NT$1.88 billion ($62.1 million USD). The Taiwanese device maker expects things to improve in Q2, though, announcing today that it expects to return to profit in the quarter.

HTC today shared its forecast for Q2 2014, reporting that it expects revenue for the quarter to fall between NT$65 billion ($2.16 billion USD) and NT$70 billion ($2.32 billion USD). The company also said that its sales in Europe, the Middle East and Africa were “solid” thanks to the launch of the One (M8), momentum from the One (M7) and the Desire 816, the last of which has gotten an “overwhelming” response from consumers in China and India.

Looking ahead, HTC CFO Chialin Chang said that his company plans to regain some of the market share that it’s lost in recent years with “more effective and efficient marketing,” including increased ad buys compared to 2013. Chang also revealed that, so far, the One (M8) is selling quicker than the One (M7).

Sources: HTC, Reuters

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  • Richard Yarrell

    Nice dream or hope for a failed company.

    Wake me up when they become relevant with legitimate profits that surpasses the #2 android manufacturer LG Electronics

    HTC just spinning wheels and talking which means nothing.
    Customers will decide what’s good or not. 

    • Seattletech J

      HTC isn’t going anywhere. Its making the right steps thanks to someone big that came back

      • Yaso

        HTC is better choice for smartphone..good features and perforamnce

  • HTChapter 11

    HTC will file for bankruptcy soon

  • timi

    if htc should fail, it will be the collapse of one of the world’s best phone makers. and they can avoid this collapse if they will make their presence felt in several more countries….like here in Nigeria, we need their office…they should not forget that it is the most populous nation in Africa.

  • san antonio leads 48-30

    R.I.P. HTC

  • Veda

    HTC have equally contributed as Apple for the mobile computing world. I think they are one of the best out there and deserve some decent market share. But they seriously lag in marketing and after sales service. I understand that HTC is not a gaint like Samsung or Apple or even LG who mange to invest as much as a country’s GDP in marketing and service, but these are very important factors for a company like HTC.
    Hope they have learnt their lessons and I wish they shine again. Else the world will be filled with eligant designs with “Jail” kind of OS (iPhone) or crappy plastic phones with decent functionality; HTC can do both eligant design and awesome OS.

    • casualsuede

      Veda, completely agree with you. Some of my best friends worked there and they always complained that while the product had issues (which company comes out with the perfect product? none), the big issue with HTC was the inexperienced executive management, many of them who are being weeded out now (finally!)

      It’s easy to tout your management prowess when times are good, but once HTC suddenly got real competition in the Android space (from Samsung), they fell apart. This is on the sales side, the marketing side and the operational side.

      My friend who once worked at HTC told me that in Q3, 2011, when HTC was on top of the world, their then Global President of Sales and MArketing held a town hall and held up a letter from a Samsung counterpart saying that they were focusing on him because of his arrogant boasting in the small telecom community. At that time he laughed an commented that Samsung would never catch up. But by the next quarter, Samsung had him eating crow and eating crow for the next 3 years.

      My friends still shakes her head when she remembers that town hall meeting.

      • Seattletech J

        HTC is on the comeback. They did get too bloated sense and manager wise! HTC software team is dare i say as good as googles.
        Someone very important has returned to HTC and this is why we are seeing a more focused and nimble HTC. ala m8 prime

  • Galen20K

    I find it disgusting that people who call themselves technology enthusiasts are Championing the demise of one of the most innovative device OEM’s in the history of Mobile tech, it’s almost as if they’re happy about it. Lame.

  • donger

    Go HTC!

  • Rashib Khan

    I am still waiting for desire 816..I think Htc launched it 23 April 2014 in india but it is not in market yet

  • AMIT




  • jeevan MN

    @rishab, desire 816 will be launched within second week of may in online stores. HTC 816 might be THE best selling phone in It’s segment with best specs.

  • Gary

    Htc is always the best. I’ve never left htc. Theirs phones r always fantastic!

  • sky_

    htc should launch more mid range phablets with good specs that should attract more customers ….. just like desire 816

  • Pratik

    First the news came that desire 816 will be available from first week of May in India but it’s not. Please someone tell when it’ll available in Indian Market. I am waiting since its appearence in MWG. It took 2 months to make an entry but still desire 816 launched but what about market availability ?