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Image of Samsung Galaxy Mega 7.0 leaks, showing off the tablet-sized phone

Samsung Galaxy Mega 7.0

The Samsung Galaxy Mega series of devices isn’t exactly targeted at the general user here in the States, but it’s meant to be a line of devices that can offer the size of a flagship device, or even bigger, for a low price. Can’t afford both a tablet and a smartphone? A Galaxy Mega may be a great option for you.

But the mid range lineup might be getting a new addition, and it has reached a new level of huge. Overtaking the existing Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3 is the leaked Galaxy Mega 7.0, which features a 7.0-inch display (obviously). This is a new level of large for Samsung, as putting a tablet-sized display into a smartphone is pretty extreme (though not unheard of previously).

This device will feature a 720p resolution, a quad core Snapdragon 400 processor, 1.5GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage. This is by no means a powerhouse, but it will mean a fairly low price for the target market. Sadly, a price, release date, or availability for different countries aren’t available. We’ll just have to wait to hear more info. What do you think of this tablet-sized smartphone?

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  • Spin

    I love dis

    • emely

      awful, which asian can hold this 7inch monster? worst crap ever…..its not a kogg its a friggin phone samsung

  • jay555

    If it doesn’t fit in your pocket, then it’s not a phone. It’s a tablet that can make phone calls.

    • Jon

      I can fit my old Galaxy Tab 7.0 (the original) in my pocket.

    • blarpfaevbk

      Actually its a phablet

    • Chris

      Not everyone keeps their phones in their pockets…. Just because you don’t believe in doing something… doesn’t mean it should apply to everyone one.

  • Robert Edward Stegemann Sr

    I’m all for it. Only have to carry one item and since I don’t use a phone much it just suits me. Cargo shorts have big pockets. I hope that it is announce on June 12th?

  • mas rofiq

    very nice

  • ViewMobile

    NEXUS 7 hands down is better and less expensive.

    Above all, it does not carry Samsung Crapware.

    Samsung excells with electronics, though their software is useless.

    • William

      what the F*** is nexus, well all I can say if it doesn’t Compete or has ever beaten Samsung HTC or Apple its crap -END OF DISCUSSION-

      • Lee

        Wow… sad. Get off this site or buy one, then you’ll know.

  • Mac Sintes

    This sounds terrific. As a disabled person who frequently uses a wheelchair, I’m always looking for ways to simplify and consolidate. If someone invents a 7″ tablet that can take take over the jobs of a phone and a laptop, those are two expensive devices I have to juggle. Get going, guys. Life is short.

  • MVR

    Looking forward to Samsung’s 15″ screen phone so I’ll hold out. Should be release soon….

    • 547e

      lol, i remember Trigger Happy Tv. A guy walking around with a gigantic sized phone, it was hilarious

  • gbradley

    Why not put a battery and radio in a tv? 51″ oled phone anybody?

  • nigel Watson

    It’s only bigger than the 6.3 besides that there is no difference

    • abdulmomin

      dual vs quad is the difference… but mega’s dual @1.7GHZ is pretty snappy and does the job.

  • Arron Hall

    I don’t like the specs of this Galaxy 7.0 phablet as it just have 1.5GB of RAM, and just8GB internal storage. Well, any idea about the battery? It must have at least 3200mAh of battery. However, I have Nexus7 (2013) and like its all specs and features and impressed with its 3200mAh battery that after fully charged on qi wireless charger, runs throughout the day.

  • Rolando Lebed

    I am using a 7″ phablet today and I am loving it. It fits in my pocket. Those stupids who write because they have hands and because they think everyone should think like them should continue to use what they want. They are gods that uwant others to be like them. Having just one piece of equipment is far more practical.

  • Angie

    I cant wait. I have the 6.3 and love it. I want the 7in.I almost always use an ear phone to talk.The phone is good for everything. Dont nock it untill you trief it. Hope for 7in