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International Samsung Galaxy S4 Active gets KitKat, AT&T model not far behind


The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active was the rugged version of the Galaxy S4. Waterproof and featuring a metal back, some of us liked quite a bit. However, the bump down to an LCD display and an 8MP camera were a bit hard to bear for spec obsessive folks like us. However, if you bought one, you’ll be getting KitKat very soon!

The update to KitKat 4.4.2, the latest version of Android, is now available in the Netherlans for the international Galaxy S4 Active. The update should start rolling out to other countries soon, as well. If you have an international model, start checking for updates in Settings!

And if you own an AT&T model, your update may not be far out. The device already got a KitKat update, but it was unexpectedly halted by AT&T about a month ago. Because it’s rolling out for the international model, it can be assumed that the issues were fixed and AT&T should be rolling out the same update soon.

The update won’t change all that much, but it will bring a new white status bar, full screen album art on the lockscreen, and improved performance. Even just the small boost in speed should be a worthy reason to download it. Tell us if you get it, and AT&T S4 Active users, let us known when you start getting yours!

Source: SamMobile

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