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KitKat for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 beginning global rollout


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is a solid tablet featuring decent specifications and the all-important S Pen. While it isn’t amazing by any means, especially by today’s standards, it’s about to get a lot better. The global rollout of KitKat is just beginning in South Korea and Poland at the top of the list.

The KitKat update for this device brings exactly what you’d expect from Samsung’s TouchWiz. The status bar icons will be white; the performance and battery life will increase; and there will be wireless printing support, among other small things. While this is a major update, there are no major new features. But with any aging device, the speed boost will be appreciated.

If you live in Poland or South Korea, check for updates in the settings and get downloading! If you live elsewhere, periodically check for updates to see if it has begun to roll out in your country. Have patience, because the rollout may take a while. I’ll start charging mine in preparation. Do you still use a Note 8.0 tablet?

Source: SamMobile

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  • DroidPower

    Of course I still use it! It’s a great note taker and on the go document editor. I really wish Samsung will push a version 2 of this. It would be great to have a better screen! Also, some other accessory manufacturer has to come out with a better keyboard dock solutions than the current ones out there.

    Anyway, the update sounds awesome!

  • noteUser

    I use it to write notes everyday. Never had any performance issues with it.It could do with better battery life though, so this update might be interesting.

    • amogh patil

      I face battery issues. Doesnt stay for more than 10 hours, so high expectations from kitkat. Hope they release throughout the world soon, any country other than korea and poland getting the updates. Coz i am from india, I still havent received it

  • Jon B

    The Note 8 is my daily driver… I may even use it as much (or more) than my Macbook Air. In my opinion, the 7″ size is too small, and the 10″ tablets are too big. The Note 8 fits right in the middle, still has great specs, and can be found at a great price. I still recommend them to people!

  • SoRHunter

    There’s only one nagging issue: the utterly crazy support of the microSD card. I’m rocking the Note 10.1 2014 edition and I refuse to update it to KitKat because half the functionality of the card is lost to the winds (I do like to move all apps to the 32 GB SD card whenever possible, in order to get more space in the limited 16 GB internal storage).