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Latest LG G3 leak suggests at least one model will sport removable battery


LG has been known to trickle out details of its new flagship smartphones in the weeks leading up to their debut, but with the G3, it appears that the Life’s Good crew may be letting the rumor mill do that work for it.

Today another pair of images that purportedly show the LG G3 have leaked out. Shared by @evleaks, the first photo depicts a removable battery beneath what looks to be the G3’s rear-mounted buttons and camera. A leaked image that surfaced last week suggested that the G3 may sport a 3000mAh removable battery.

Removable batteries are becoming increasingly rare in the smartphone world, with many manufacturers opting instead to seal juice packs inside of their devices for a slimmer, cleaner look. It’s interesting to see that LG may go against that trend and offer a removable battery with the G3, though it’s worth pointing out that the company could end up only selling that model in select regions, opting to sell a non-removable version in most other countries.

The second shot that’s leaked out today is a close-up of an LG-branded device with a brushed backside. The caption to the image reads “LG G3, fingerprint magnet no more,” a reference to the G2’s glossy plastic backside that would easily show fingerprints and smudges. You can view this image on @evleaks’ site by hitting up the link below.

Source: @evleaks

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  • Dave Kratter

    That no-fingerprint picture gives me hope that the G3 will be metal instead of plastic garbage. Let’s hope so.

    • joseph alan

      Why the hell are metal phone considered premium phones. I had two m8′s for three weeks and both speaker grills start to pop out on both phones. So much for premium built quality. M8 is junk. I also tried the G2 and that phone is plastic but still amazing built quality. Put a metal phone in the same pocket as your keys for one day and see how premium that phone is then. There is no place for metal built phones. It makes no sense. I have the s5 right now and I’ll admit that I don’t care for Samsungs built quality but that doesn’t mean that every phone that uses plastic is poor built quality .

  • namesib

    Virtual buttons. Pass.

  • Billy

    Will never buy a phone without a removeable battery.

  • donger


  • Techpimp

    People buy Samsung because there phones have removable batteries don’t understand why other manufactures stray from it.

  • jake

    This could be the game changer I’m looking for!!!!! Maybe I can finally buy a non-Samsung phone! Please let this battery thing be true.