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Leaked Samsung document reveals KitKat update schedule for Galaxy devices


Samsung has successfully rolled Android 4.4.2 updates out to several of its devices, including the Galaxy S 4 and several variants of the Galaxy Note 3. There are still several other Galaxy devices still waiting for their taste of KitKat, though. The good news is that an internal Samsung document with projected KitKat release dates has leaked out, shedding some light on when those devices without 4.4.2 will make the jump to the latest version of Android.

According to the leaked doc, which has been shared by SamMobile, the Galaxy S III LTE (GT-I9305) and Galaxy Note 3 Neo (SM-N750) will receive Android 4.4.2 updates in May.

There are five Galaxy devices that are expected to be bumped up to KitKat in June. Those include the Galaxy S4 mini (GT-I9190), Galaxy S4 mini LTE (GT-I9195), Galaxy Grand 2 (SM-G7102), Galaxy Mega 5.8 (GT-I9152) and Galaxy Mega 6.3 (GT-I9200).

The one tidbit of bad news that’s come out of this document is that the international Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) has had its Android 4.4.2 update canceled. A separate leak indicates that this decision may have been made due to difficulties with preloading TouchWiz apps onto the international Galaxy S III.

It’s good to see that Samsung is getting ready to push Android 4.4.2 to several of its other Galaxy devices, especially important models like the Galaxy S III LTE. Of course, it’s also worth noting that things are a bit different in the U.S., as the updates will first have to be approved by the carriers before they’re pushed to consumers.

Are you running Android 4.4.2 on your Samsung Galaxy device?

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  • ElvisonD

    N/A for the Original Galaxy S3? Ridiculous…Well, thank God I moved onto my Galaxy S5.

  • Steve

    Samsung is the best at updating.

    • gaurav pande

      Ya its really best smartphone. .. for updating

  • Bart

    The Note3 got that update on several carriers a while back. Yes, I have it on my Note3.

  • Arcospark

    So…what about the SM-N900V, the VERIZON Galaxy Note 3? I don’t see it listed, I don’t hear a peep from VZW and I’m getting FED UP with this slow update/rollout from the Verizon geeks!

    • Justin

      Doesn’t look good for us Note 3 owners on Verizon. Either they are going to push 4.4.2 very late, like another month from now or we are going to wait even longer, another few months because they might be going to push 4.4.3 instead possibly.

  • mark barlog

    Just received updated via Sprint -Chgo. Thanks Sammy

  • donger

    Good for those Galaxy users.

  • mozadded

    I am using the original s3 but i will not be able to update my OS …Totally disappointed to get the news !!!!

  • Sven

    Which country is the timetable for?

  • Mark Denyer

    I used to really like my s4 until it updated to kit kat.
    When it tried to install the update it crashed about 20 to 30 times before it would install.
    Now its installed you can only use the phone when it has between 80 and 100% battery. Anything lowerand the phone just switches off.. when is the update for this coming out..

    • sudhanshu deshpande

      see man making an update is not a easy task to carry out …….and samsung is frequently launching new devices so it has too look at dem first ….so its nt possible for dem to do so..

  • sohail

    Guys Samsung is damm selfish. They are giving the 3rd major update to other phones leaving phones such as the Galaxy Grand with only 1 update. Totally useless. Not everyone has money to spend on buying new and new phones every 1 or 2 years and samsung has to understand this. So Guys please help me in writing a letter or something to Samsung.

    • robo

      yup agree….. pls give a final update to grand dous..