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LG brags about slim bezels on G3 in new teaser video

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Most of us here at Android and Me aren’t huge fans of LG smartphones. As we discussed in the last Android and Me Podcast, we love the hardware but hate the software. And software plays a huge role in the making of a good phone, so LG phones just don’t do it for us.

However, the hardware LG makes is pretty amazing. In fact, after playing with an LG G2, I realized how much I would pay for a Google Play edition of the device. The one thing that LG does right is the size of the bezels. The G2 has almost nonexistent bezels, and when I experienced that, it was hard to go back to any other device.

LG has released another teaser video for its upcoming flagship, the LG G3, showing off how regular devices look with big bezels resulting in large sizes. Then it shows the outline of the G3, with tiny bezels resulting in a small overall size despite housing a very large 5.5-inch display. While most flagships are at the 5 or 5.1-inch mark, the G3 will be nearing Note territory.

However, if the G3 is anything like the G2, the device itself will be very easy to manage. For once, I’m very excited for an LG device. If the company makes a Google Play edition, or maybe an Android Silver model, I’m sure a lot of people will jump on that. Tell us if you like what you see!

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  • Nigel

    Slim bezels are the future, any bezel has holes for forward speakers too. Max screen size, minimum pocket size.