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LG G Watch gets a hands on, shows off three-tone color scheme

LG G Watch hands on 3

The LG G Watch may not be the most anticipated Android Wear smart watch, but it may be one of the most important. That’s because it’s affordable, so developers can buy it and create content for the new platform. And as we all know, content is king when it comes to choosing the right “smart” product.

Today we get a full hands-on of a pre-production LG G Watch. The video shows off the  three-tone hardware. The bezel is black, the strap and back are white, and there is a gold stripe through the center. Like a sandwich! It looks very plain, but clean and stylish. However, I’m really not digging the gold. Give me a straight black model and I’ll be happy.

The software was shown off as well, but it’s obvious how unfinished it was by this point. There was no clock face, only a floating Google Now button and the ability to swipe down to see the date and battery state.

I can’t say I’m incredibly excited for the G Watch, but I am excited to see Android Wear come to the market. And many of you will agree with me that the Moto 360 is a lot more visually appealing. Still, the LG G Watch will serve an important purpose. Check out the hands-on video and more photos of the device below!

LG G Watch hands on 3 LG G Watch hands on 1 LG G Watch hands on 2 LG G Watch hands on 4 LG G Watch hands on 5 LG G Watch hands on 6

Source: Appdated

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  • Howard

    What none of these companies realise is this ;a watch is different to a phone. None of them have a piece of plastic crap on their own wrists. Our wrist watch is a status symbol. I collect watchers & I’m not swapping any for a piece of junk, thanks.

    • me too

      Then why are you even looking at the watch? Geez!

      • name

        He is right though. People didn’t sell their rolexs for calculator watches. Why would they for calculator 2.0 watches?

    • Rom Pall

      Here’s my assessment of your status, watch collector: you’re old.

  • Chris

    Is it my imagination… or did it look like some of the on-screen buttons and swipes weren’t registering correctly?

  • Mark

    Darn, it looks like the video has been set to private, at least at the time of my comment right now.

  • Goth