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LG G3 disassembled, rated 8/10 for repairability

LG G3 teardown

The LG G3 impressed a lot of us tech enthusiasts when it was announced earlier this week. With its 5.5-inch 2560×1440 display and incredibly thin bezels, it’s a dream phone for many. However, it’s also important to determine how the device is designed and how long it’ll last. Having a removable battery is great, but what about replacing a cracked display?

uBreakiFix decided to tear open an LG G3 to see exactly how it’s constructed. Inside you’ll find all the standard chips and components, but the site noted that there are quite a few contact-style connectors, which make performing repairs easier. Projects like replacing the G3′s display shouldn’t be much of a problem, unlike with the HTC One (M8).

The final repairability score of the G3 is an 8/10, which is pretty dang good. If you’re looking for a phone that’s both well put together and easy to repair, the LG G3 is a solid choice. Check out the source link for more photos and information on what’s really inside LG’s new flagship.

Via: Phandroid

Source: uBreakiFix

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  • Nigel


    So a refurbished model on ebay a year from now when the G4 is out for $250.

  • Igaal

    Phew i was really waiting for this useful test now I will really buy this phone…….not!

  • SGB101

    the Korean phones are good that this, the galaxy’s are easy to tear-down also. much easier to go in back through front, than starting at the front digging the glass out first.

  • Chris

    Lg has really stepped up coming out with updates, I’ve had g2, g pro and g flex, all completely amazing and all got updated to kitkat very quickly. They are totally stepping up their game. Can’t wait for g3, best phone of the year easily.

  • Bella

    It seems that we don’t have to worry if in case the Smartphone get defected due to physical damage as each and every part is easily repairable. Well, I will definitely consider purchasing this LG G3 along with qi car charger so that I keep its 3000mAh battery fully charged while driving across the countryside in order to explore more apps and features without worry about the battery status.

  • Andrew Soto

    Congrats… it’s 0135 inn the morning and your ignorant post just have me cancer. I love your lack of research and general stupidity. Thank you. The internet needs more of you. How else would I get through my day without some retard telling me something that hasn’t been proven yet? Um.. that new prius for 2016 has bad tires. I know cuz my cousin posted somewhere else.

    • Set To Reflect

      General stupidity? You couldn’t even spell a few simple words. Good to know you have cancer though. I hope it’s painful enough for you.