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LG G3 leaks continue with a pair of new renders


A flurry of leaks shed more light on the LG G3 yesterday, giving us a couple more looks at the device itself and revealing more of its specs. Apparently the rumor mill has more to share, though, because a couple more purported images of LG’s next flagship have leaked out today.

Prolific leakster @evleaks has shared two renders that allegedly show the LG G3 in black and white. The devices look fairly similar to the ones that we saw in yesterday’s leaks, complete with a rounded set of rear buttons, a flash and black sensor on each side of the rear camera, an LG logo at the bottom of its face and extremely thin bezels.


We won’t know if this is exactly what the LG G3 looks like until the Life’s Good crew takes the wraps off of its new flagship at the end of May. The two devices shown today do seem to line up with what we’ve heard about the device previously, though, including a report that said that the G3 will look like the LG isai FL that made the leaky rounds last month.

Based on what we know of it so far, what do you think of the LG G3? Are you interested in checking it out once it officially lands on store shelves?

Sources: @evleaks (1), (2)

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  • Tx1000

    Aluminium ??

    Ist’s cool Black phone

    • Nate B.

      Aluminium? Not all buddy.

  • Dave Kratter

    If this is plastic as the rumors have said, I’m not impressed. Plastic phones are garbage. I wouldn’t touch a Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5 for just that reason. I might have to go with the HTC One (m8) instead.

    • seattletech

      How is plastic garbage? Maybe you are just too superficial. How do determine a tech product by material. This is tech not clothes. The only advantage metal has is looks for superficial people like you. Plastic is lighter and more durable. Doesn’t retain heat or cold. This is coming from an iphone htc one samsung s4 and lg g2 owner.

    • Dan

      I have to disagree with aluminum idea vs polycarbonate plastic body. Better a plastic that is flexible than a aluminum that once you bang it will stay that way. If we were talking about titanium or stainless then is something else…even so is a little heavier.
      Also metal body is hard on wifi , gps and phone antenna so it cant be the whole body metal, must be partial plastic.
      I think this black G3 is going to kill the market of all other phones. I am tired of Samsung that kill SD-card like crazy.( my S3 kill 2 Kingston 64gb cards by now) and the internet is full of forums with thousands of people crying about S3,S4….etc . killing SD-cards making people loose important information and precious pictures. Samsung wont admit that and refuse clients one by one telling them that they never hear of that.
      So LG G3 , I cant wait for you. Come out faster !!! I hate my S3 and I am tired of it.

    • Goldstar 4ever




  • mickey4mice

    If this render is what will be passed down to Nexus 6, I may find myself getting a OnePlus insetead.

    • seattletech

      Funny thing about nexus hipsters, When you ask them how do you like your nexus 5? what would you like to see in the nexus 6. Here are the answers, Wish it had better battery life. Wish it had a better camera. Hmmm ok thats a lg g2 .

  • j

    Guys just ignore these paid htc shills. I can already tell this thing is gonna be a hit.

  • Unit

    Why do these pictures seem like they have a phone cover on them?

    • bob

      I thought that. Hope it’s removeable, because it’s not very inspiring

  • james mcmanamy

    I was a total Apple FanBoi with various Apple Phones including the 4, 4s, 5 and 5S. I also had a Galaxy S3 and S4, so I’ve been there. I sold my Iphone 5S for the LG G2. It is hard to describe to people how good it is. I initially discarded the phone because of the back buttons, but I never use them!! I use the knock knock to turn it off and on. The screen is gorgeous and virtually all the apps I used on Apple are available on Android. The screen size to device size is #1 among smartphones. Battery life is fantastic. Now saying all that, I would get a G3 if they keep the screen as big and the bezels as small as the G2. The QHD will be fantastic. Sounds like they will incorporate a MicroSD and removable battery. WinWin.

    • iPhone 5S owner Maria

      Im waiting for the new megaseller iPhone 6 instead.

  • Linh Nguyen

    I definitely won’t be impressed if the back turns out to be shiny plastic (not yay). Plastic is fine if well-built, just not if it’s shiny and slippery.

  • deepu

    Uffs….my waiting is soooo… long…. as i m waiting 4 lg g3′s dual sim version..may be lg g3 mini..LG forum—-pls give attension for dual sim users soon..

  • Allen

    how can you call theses leak when not even real images

  • redraider133

    I like the all black, hope it is a matte finish rather than glossy like the g2. Good to see them keeping with the small bezels to keep the overall size down.

  • PapaMilk

    Plastic or metal, My phone is going to be in a expensive protective plastic case anyways, so I personally don’t care if the phone is plastic or metal!!

  • leroybrute

    How come no one is talking about the pen attachment on top of phone

    • redraider133

      That isn’t a pen. It is an “antenna” for certain markets. The g2 had it as well, just not here in the US

  • Justin

    Has it been said if LG is going to be quicker about rolling out new versions of Android? It seemed like it took the G2 forever to get Kit Kat. That would be the main thing that would keep me from buying this phone. The other is LG’s Android UI, but the leaks of that look pretty promising this time around.

  • Marc Morgan

    If the G3 releases with the supposed specifications that have been reported… it will be an easy smartphone of the year, just like the G2 was in 2013. GO LG! Looking forward to to the G PRO 3!

  • donger

    Looks good.