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LG G3 shown off in pair of newly-leaked photos


Following a pair of leaks that gave us a peek at the LG G3’s rear-mounted buttons, a new report has emerged that may offer a look at LG’s next flagship in its entirety.

A pair of photos posted to Korean site Seeko claim to show the front and rear of the LG G3. The front of the phone lacks any sort of physical or capacitive keys, suggesting that LG will once again go with an on-screen button configuration, and the device also appears to have very thin bezels. Around back we can see a camera and some rear buttons that look similar to those shown in previous leaks. Finally, the bottom of the unit houses a microUSB port and a headphone jack.


It’s tough to get a good feel for the look of this device because of the angles at which its being held, but this LG phone does appear similar to the recently-leaked LG isai FL, just like a previous rumor claimed that it would. While the design of this purported G3 doesn’t appear to be revolutionary, it does look like a nice step up from the G2.

The LG G3 is rumored to be coming to market with a 2560×1440 display and flattened user interface. The Life’s Good crew is expected to officially introduce the G3 at an event on May 27.

UPDATE: Another image of the LG G3 has been posted by Android Central. This photo is similar to the very first one that we saw of the G3’s backside, but this time the photo is unfiltered and clearer. We can also see more of the notes that are behind the device, which include a “3KmAh removable” battery, 5.5-inch “QHD” display and 13-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization.


Via: PhoneArena


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  • martin

    Seems like its not going to be water restistant ;(

    • steph09

      Think so too!

  • surethom

    Very nice, but Come on LG, speaker Still on the back, PLEASE move to bottom or even more useful the front.

  • not plastic!!

    Oh no. Not plastic!! The HTCers are gonna come running

    • ichigo

      The HTC fanboys can suck a fat one. G3 baby!

  • Mike

    cool phone I wonder how the games will work

    • Mike

      cool phone I wonder how the games will work

  • redraider133

    Good to see lg is continuing with the small bezels to keep the overall footprint down. Now that glossy plastic can go though.

  • andrew white

    If these photos represent the real deal, then the overall length could/should be less than the G2.
    I would like to see Qualcomm’s 801 or 805 processor and 3GB of ram included, instead of the older 800 and 2GB as has been widely reported.

    • redraider133

      Will be interesting to see which version makes it to the US and how they price the device if they do carry both models.

    • redraider133

      It is clearly larger than the g2. Hoping it comes in around the size of the m8 with the thin bezels lg is using. Will be interesting to see the overall footprint.

  • Shrink

    Looks like we get a variant with 3gb and one with 2gb of ram.
    Remember: if the battery is removable (as the pic says), you can always change the back cover if you don’t like it.

    Also quick cycle charging seems pretty cool to me.

  • donger


  • Dib

    No-one else ever seems bothered by this – but if this device only comes with a Snapdragon 801 then it will have a hell of a lot of pixels to push around with a quad hd resolution.

    A deal breaker for me therefore is if this is the first phone to feature a Snapdragon 805 with the adreno 440 gpu . If I was a betting man I’d put money on the latter scenario.

    If the g3 does in fact ship with an 801 then I’ll be buying the oneplus one. That baby also wields an 801 but only has to drive a less demanding 1080p screen.

  • roolkiy

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