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LG Optimus G Pro getting updated to KitKat on AT&T

LG Optimus G Pro

LG admittedly hasn’t been very good with updates. Like, at all. But the company hasn’t abandoned its older phones entirely, as the AT&T LG Optimus G Pro is now getting its update to the latest version of Android. With KitKat, users will be getting the new white look in its┬ástatus and navigation bars along with performance improvements from the lower system requirements. Here’s the full changelog:

As you can see, it isn’t a huge update by any means. KitKat was meant to improve performance and give a cleaner look to the status bar, but brought very few other improvements. Still, it’s a solid update that will make your device feel fresh. If you have an AT&T Optimus G Pro, head to Settings, check for updates and tell us if you get it!

Via: Android Police

Source: AT&T

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  • OldNorseBruin

    I’m using this LG OPTIMUS G PRO E980 AT&T branded, unlocked on T-MOBILE. Is there a way that I can get this new KitKat update?
    Any information would be much appreciated!

    • kyle

      Trying to figure out the same thing!

    • NitsuSaiNeko

      Same here…

  • Johan Sebastian

    I’ve Optimus G Pro unlocked on T-mobile network. When I tried to update, it said the phone is not registered, When I put Att sim card, and after a couple of hours and boom… I’ve received the notication that the software update is available.

    • antony

      hola amigo y que paso se te llego a actualizar ?
      es que soy de Republica dominicana y tengo el mismo problema

    • OldNorseBruin

      Were you able to FINALLY get the new KITKAT update INSTALLED on your unlocked LG OPTIMUS G PRO? How EXACTLY were you able to do so? Much Thanks for any information that helps!

    • drew

      After you got the update by inserting an ATT sim, did you put back your T-Mobile and Does it work with tmobile with no problem?

  • Dileep

    I have lg g pro at&t unlocked using with t mobile sim card
    Today i tried to update.
    It is saying that i have an update from at&t size 750mb.
    Somebody tell me if i update the phone may lock back?

  • Aaqid

    im in Pakistan my phone is unlocked When I tried to update, it said the phone is not registered.
    Is there a way for me to get this kitkat update?