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More info points towards “Google” button replacing home button in nav bar

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We’ve heard that the next version of Android will have some major changes to the user interface. In fact, many of the rumored changes I don’t even like! But one of the rumors was that Google will be replacing the home button in the navigation bar with a “Google” button, and the latest info suggests that it might be true.

Android navigation buttons

The new button design is actually pretty attractive, with the multitasking button taking on a more abstract look. However, the Google button draws the most attention. Apparently, this button will be replacing the home button as the new launcher design may integrate Google Now more closely than Google Now Launcher currently does. And even if it doesn’t, it would make sense for Google Now Launcher.

However, this button may be substituted by the home button at times. With the navigation bar, the buttons can change automatically depending on the situation. So maybe switching launchers will bring the old home button back, albeit with a new design to match the two other buttons.

While we’re still completely clueless about the direction Google is taking with Android, or if any of these changes will actually make it to Android 4.5/5.0, it’s good to see some info come out. And even if some of us don’t like the direction these leaks are going in, it’ll be an interesting Google I/O to say the least. What do you think of this latest leak?

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  • BlazeHN

    I love Google, but replacing the “house” for “home” button with the word “Google” its pretty random and non intuitive IMO for tech newbies and such.

    • biggy johnson

      probably just a hack away from returning it to the traditional home symbol

    • annabelle

      Seems like my family and friends will leave android phones and will switch back to iPhone 6. Apple is consistent, google is not. Its annoying. Good bye samsung phones!

      • rick springfeed

        Shut up troll.

  • David Auffen

    I’ve had these buttons for a while using a mod on xposed called softkeyz…
    Not sure what came first but I’ve been using these for a week

  • Bart

    Step 1: Develop an OS that slowly gains a following, that is more open than its competitors, and show much potential.

    Step 2: Begin shooting yourself in the foot with changes that nobody likes and begins to sour the constituents. Keep changing where the front door to the house is so no one can find how to get in.

    Step 3: Shaft everyone and sell out to the highest bidder. Retire on some garden island never to be heard from again.

    Nah, it could never happen THAT way.

  • xallies

    I was hoping they would do away with the navigation buttons and have a webos style revamp.

  • Eli Gaffke

    As long as that button still leads to the home screens that I am used to seeing, and I still have an app draw that’s fine.

    Maybe they could just bring back the 4 buttons, leave the home one and bring back the magnifying glass indicating search…

  • Chris

    What Google needs to do is come out with an update/fix to undo locking out Apps from writing onto the MicroSD card on 4.4. I had no idea they did that (my Phone runs 4.3) until I bought a new tablet last week and installed a new SD Card inside it. At first I thought perhaps my card was defective or my file manager not working with the new card. I was shocked and surprised to learn that Google restricted writing access to the card on 4.4.

  • docvile

    Looks awful.

  • lolno
  • tmihai20

    I am not too impressed with it, I will have to wait and see how it looks. I can only speculate now.

  • Paul Atreides

    Do not want this at all.

  • Robairto

    Please give me the option of paying an extra $10 for disappearing capacitive keys. 😕

  • kyaligonza moshin


  • kyaligonza moshin

    i love her but she does not know but can i let her know