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Moto E name confirmed through import shipment, along with low price

Motorola Moto X

We’ve heard quite a few Moto E rumors lately that suggest that it’ll  be the next budget device from Motorola. Up until now, though, those were all rumors without much substantial evidence. Now we have something a bit more solid to go on thanks to the Zauba database that has shown import data about this Moto E (model number XT1022).

The page shows that Motorola imported 1,300 devices from China, a substantial amount that pretty much guarantees that it’s a finished device and not one in testing. It also shows that the devices will have 4GB of storage and an approximate value of $106, far under the $180 price tag that the Moto G carries. If the Moto E is actually sold for around that price, it’ll be a huge step for affordable smartphones.

Motorola will debut a new smartphone May 13th, so this might just be the phone the company will show off. Considering the recent import and the fact that low price is a focus of the upcoming event, it seems very likely. Are you excited to see this device?

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  • BlazeHN

    What happened with the $50 device Moto talked about before? $110 is not soooo under the $179 of the Moto G.

  • Moto C(hinese)

    Moto Evidence

  • jump

    The advancement in features and looks of smartphones are really creating hype around the whole world. A reputed mobile maker Motorola has introduced itself again with full storm by launching a new phone that is Motorola E.

  • Cwalden21

    So I’m assuming more information on the Moto X+1 won’t be coming out of the May 13th ordeal or anytime soon?

  • donger

    Come out and play.

  • nns

    Moto plz cm fast