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Motorola adds LTE to updated Moto G 4G


When the Moto G launched last year we couldn’t help but think one of the only things that would have made the affordable handset substantially better was LTE. Motorola was listening and now that prices have come down they’ve introduced an updated version of the Moto G with LTE support.

You’ll still get the same passable Snapdragon 400 and HD display, but your mobile data speeds will be much improved in the updated Moto G thanks to the inclusion of LTE radios. Motorola is still releasing information on exactly which countries will be covered by the Moto G 4G, but if a leak from earlier today is any indication, one model will work across the globe. Along with adding LTE there is also a white version of the Moto G 4G, for those of you that prefer a cleaner looking handset, and a microSD for expanding internal storage.

If you’re in the market for an affordable handset and you have access to LTE, we would highly recommend the new Moto G 4G with LTE. The Moto G 4G will be launching soon in the UK for £149. We’ll be sure to update you with more pricing and availability information once it’s made available.

Update: The Moto G 4G is now live on Motorola’s website for $219 and on (will be shipped June 3).

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  • SGB101

    Isn’t it refreshing when a company actually listens to its customers.

    4g and an sd slot! Nice.

  • kenneth warnershook

    Wow this would happen right after I bought my gf the 3g model o well and how is the moto e cheap if I bought my gf the moto g for 99+tax 108.49??

    • bhayes

      Because the Moto G is supposed to be either $179 or $199. Companies like Verizon and Boost Mobile have been discounting/subsidizing the hell out of them to get people on their network.

  • karthi

    notify details about moto g lte