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Motorola Alert app hits Google Play, grows Moto’s unique app library


Motorola has launched several of its unique apps into the Google Play Store, including Touchless Control and Active Display, allowing it to more quickly roll out updated versions of these apps to its users. Today Moto added one more app to its section of the Play Store with the release of the new Motorola Alert app.

Motorola Alert enables users to send messages to others when they need help or want their location to be known. Motorola says that after you put your phone on alert, it will send periodic notifications to the people that you designate. Those users do not need to have the Motorola Alert app installed to receive these notifications.

Motorola Alert also allows users to set locations for Home, Work and School. Once this is done, the app can alert others when you leave or arrive at these locations.

The Motorola Alert app is currently only available to the newly-announced Moto E, but Motorola says that it’ll eventually be made available to the Moto X and Moto G as well. The app looks like a nice way for users to keep tabs on loved ones, especially since recipients don’t need Motorola Alert installed to receive notifications from others. And since Motorola Alert is available in the Play Store, Moto can update it whenever it likes with new features and other improvements. It might be nice if the app were made available to non-Motorola devices since it could be useful in an emergency, but right now there’s no word on whether or not that’ll actually happen.

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