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Motorola Droid Razr HD, Razr Maxx HD and Razr M KitKat updates given green light by Verizon


Remember that Motorola Droid RAZR HD soak test that I told you about last week? Well I’ve got some good news for you DROID RAZR HD owners, because the update has been approved by Verizon as Android 4.4.2 KitKat. And it’s gets even better, because the same update has also been given the green light for the Droid Razr Maxx HD and Droid Razr M.

Verizon has posted the official support documents for the Android 4.4.2 updates for the Droid Razr HD, Droid Razr Maxx HD and Droid Razr M. The changelogs for the updates look fairly similar, which isn’t a surprise considering that these three Droids are all fairly similar phones. Here’s what you can Razr HD, Razr Maxx HD and Razr M folk can expect from the updates:


Androidâ„¢ 4.4.2, KitKat®

  • A new full-screen mode, color emoji support, improved closed captioning support, stronger security, smarter power use, and more tools and capabilities for better app development


  • Access SMS, MMS, and video calls in one place 
  • Google Talk has been replaced with Google Hangouts 
  • Supports location-sharing and animated GIF’s through Google Hangouts


  • Full-screen album and movie art appear when streaming/projecting
  • Play, pause and jump to a certain song or movie chapter easily
  • Less invasive status bar 
    • Hides the status bar until you swipe the screen edge to bring it back


  • Personalize messages with smileys, cars, animals and icons


  • The fastest and easiest way to share HD videos and pictures
  • New ZAP app interface 
  • ZAP is available from the Play Store. 


  • Android Security Patches 
  • WiFi has been improved 
  • Roaming has been improved 


  • The following apps/widgets have been updated/integrated:
    • Droid Zap (integrated)

Owners of the Droid Razr HD, Droid Razr Maxx HD and Droid Razr M have been patiently waiting for this update since mid-November 2013, so it’s great to see that it’s finally ready to roll out. Neither Motorola nor Verizon have said exactly when the updates will start going out over the air, but if you’re rocking one of these three Droids, you can check for your update manually by heading into Menu > Settings > About phone > System updates.

Once you and your Droid get a taste of KitKat, be sure to share your first impressions with us in the comments section below!

Sources: Droid-Life, Verizon Wireless: Droid Razr HD/Razr Maxx HDDroid Razr M

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  • redraider133

    Better late than never. This update should breath new life into these devices.

    • Maxx HD User

      my update failed and is stuck at M logo screen! Help?

      • DjB

        I have the Motorola RAZR M, and I am not going to install this KitKat update if I can help it. I just keep hitting the install later box. I had a HTC Thunderbolt phone and loved it until I unknowingly hit the box for an update which updated my phone to another operating system that destroyed my phone’s speed and effectiveness. Changing any phone’s operating system destroys the phone’s functional use and this should be outlawed. Maybe citizens in every state should complain to their elected representatives and their state attorney general about this scam by the cell phone companies. They do this to force you to purchase another newer phone.

    • T.soren

      BRICKED my phone. Razor maxx hd. Got update Tuesday and not been able to use it. Enhanced my wifi. Yep made it not work. No more dropped calls cause now it will not get service.
      NICE job Motorola!! Tried to call for days to get it fixed. They hang up on my. Nice customer service. Good thing I up for new phone. Guess which one I will it be getting!

      • Tawnya

        I am having the same problem. My signal wasn’t the greatest before the update but now it is absolutely ridiculous! I had excellent wireless service and now it fades in and out. Places in my house that always had full wireless signal now have hardly any signal. I am extremely annoyed about this whole update! The Verizon store tells me that my razr m probably doesn’t have enough capability to handle the update. So now what???
        Motorola claims that the update would improve wifi and regular signal……
        That’s a crock!!!!

      • james klaudt

        Yeah can’t get WiFi to work. If I shut my phone off and turn it back on it will recognize my WiFi at my house.went into Verizon they told me there was nothing they could about it. Very frustrating!

        • melissa

          Same thing happened to me. Turn off any Bluetooth. I have a fitbit so my Bluetooth was always on. Now, when I am home…. I have to turn off the Bluetooth to connect to home WiFi. Went through 3 phone calls to Verizon, cleared cache numerous times. This worked. My entire phone continues to be bogged down though. Wish I had never installed.

      • Aja

        Kit Kat bricked my phone too (Maxx HD)!!!! I can’t believe it! I get no signal from my carrier anymore, period.

        I’ve tried everything short of restoring Factory Settings (because then I’d have a blank KitKat bricked phone). :P Wifi works. In fact, its the only thing that still works!

        Now I get to spend my day figuring out how to get Jellybean back. Seems lots of people want to do that but I haven’t found a solution so far except to root and flash it.

        Has anyone else had success reverting back to Jellybean yet?

    • Zena

      I got the new Kit Kat on my Razr M and I hate hate hate the updates. Took away the easy swipe to ignore a call and text the person, made it worse, texts are now difficult to read and tell which one is new, phone is much much slower and locks up all the time now. The games either slow down or freeze up. Used to be able to tell if your wifi had you connected to internet by the white vs blue of the status now it’s all white so you have no clue whether the internet is not broadcasting or what is up — it’s a total mess — about to throw the phone in the trash! Sucks that I’m stuck with it till December!

      • Alicia A.

        I am having the same problem. I just switched to motorola from a HTC DNA (never get one of those btw), and the whole reason I chose it was because I would be able to tell if the phone was synced with the towers because it turned blue. My husband accidentaly started the update, and I let it finish because i didn’t want the problems cancelling or pausing it would cause.

  • Kerri B

    Where did my Swype keyboard go?!

    • Rick

      I had the same issue. I was a little upset that the Swype option was gone but could be purchased in the app store. I not going to buy something that I’ve been using for free!!! So I downloaded the Google Keyboard. It works just as well as Swype, even a little better. It’s free and inputs just like Swype.

      • E Risper

        I am so pissed with this new update. The look is not pleasing and I certainly do not like the fact that I no longer have the Swype option. I do not have time to type of the words and I certainly am not trying to purchase what I had free before. This was not an update at all. It was a down grade.

        Also where I have a perfect signal 4G in my house, now it drops to 3G in some areas of my house. I do not like this update and I am very disappointed.

        • Stick

          My RAZR Max HD was a great phone now a pile of junk. Rarely gets 4g, now locks up,GPS crashes constantly. Verizon said I’m the only one complaining. Can it be fixed?

          • Way to destroy Androids!!

            I have all the same issues since the update plus some, with the same phone. Replaced with warranty, still have same issues.. Upgrading to Samsung… Ridiculous that a upgrade they put out destroys phones and they simply don’t care…

      • Lauren

        I cannot get the Google keyboard swype to work at all like the real swype that was lost in the update. Every word I tried swyping was wrong. It wouldn’t even do the words up, in, can, hey, or what. Kept putting in completely different words. It seemed worthless, I couldn’t type one text message. Am I missing something perhaps?

        • DjB

          I have the Motorola RAZR M, and I am not going to install this KitKat update if I can help it. I just keep hitting the install later box. I had a HTC Thunderbolt phone and loved it until I unknowingly hit the box for an update which updated my phone to another operating system that destroyed my phone’s speed and effectiveness. Changing any phone’s operating system destroys the phone’s functional use and this should be outlawed. Maybe citizens in every state should complain to their elected representatives and their state attorney general about this scam by the cell phone companies. They do this to force you to purchase another newer phone.

      • Lynn

        You can find Swype under Settings, Language & Input then Keyboard & Input Methods. :) I can’t get the emoticons to show up when sent to someone???? They don’t even show up in the sent message that I see on my phone??? Anyone know how to fix that or is it a bug???

    • Jeffrey Meadows

      I agree, my keyboard looks archaic now and my swype is gone…what the heck? Also, there is no color difference in sent and received texts. It is much harder to differentiate between the two.

      • mse

        Amen to that!!! I thought it was only me.

      • Pissed off

        Same here! Not only does the no colours suck, but literally I cannot find the keyboard ‘return key’ So in texts I cannot
        This anymore.
        Can anyone help?

        • Tawnya

          Your right, it does not exist! And they made the keyboard smaller. I’m extremely annoyed with this whole update! There are several other things that are completely screwed up!

        • Keith

          Does anyone know how to send a group text as an Individual message as we were able to prior to the update? How can you lose capabilities during an update…

          • Eric

            Messaging -> Settings -> (uncheck) “Group Messaging – Use MMS to send a single message when there are multiple recipients”.
            I sent a few messages out with and without this option and when this is unchecked it seems to send my group text as individual text as when they reply, they only reply to you.

          • Guest

            Nope, that setting isn’t referring to an “individual text” to multiple people. It refers to only having to send one MMS message where before you would have to sometimes send them to each recipient individually. Checked or unchecked, a response to a group message still goes to everyone in the group.

        • Mike D.

          The return key is inconveniently access by holding the shift key, so it takes two hands.

    • Cindy Finley

      new update last night. Where did my swype go? swype was what made our phones unique compared to iPhone. please bring it back. also the difference between a sent text and receive texts looks the same. all in all I think text is more difficult to navigate. the only real thing I like to the emojis not sure I am liking the new updates. since it just happened last night I guess I will find more updates that I’m not crazy about. I certainly hope they do not take swept away from my tablet

      • katherine brown

        I miss swype too! I tried the free trial of swyft but don’t like giving access to everything it asks for! I will try Google keyboard,free, as suggested by another responder here.

        • kcw

          But google swype records your key strokes including logins and passwords. BE REALLY CAREFUL USING GOOGLE SWYPE ON YOUR PHONE!!!!

    • Tonya

      It’s gone, you can download it in the play store for $3.99 or there are other keyboards in play store that are similar if not better for free

      • Droid Razr HD

        Maybe that’s the goal… take things away that they can then sell back to us?

  • steph

    Where did the swype key broad go? I want it back.

    • Tonya

      Download it in play store or find similar one for free

  • hockey

    Motorola is one of the big brands, which is popular for its high-end and classy handsets. In the present scenario, the Motorola Droid RAZR HD is for sure a brilliant device for all tech lovers.

  • sandi

    Where did the swype keyboard go? How do I get it back. So far i don’t like the changes to the keyboard!

    • Tonya

      It’s gone, you can download it in the play store for $3.99 or there are other keyboards in play store that are similar if not better for free

  • Dave

    Got the update yesterday afternoon, it bricked my phone. My phone is non rooted. I can get the Android Triage Screen but clearing the cache didn’t help. Trying to find the previous ROM image online so I can load it from an SD card and backup all my stuff.

    • Keeper

      I had to manually reset mine a couple times (power & volume down) before it started up successfully. Phone got REALLY hot there for a while. Keep trying…

  • Kathy

    I got the update last night and swype is gone! I am not happy!

    • dominican07

      Kathy what device do you have?HD ,MAXX HD ,or M???

      • nick

        I have the issue with m

        • Derek


      • cathy

        Maxx HD

      • Kathy

        I have the M.

    • Tovar

      lucky you still waiting for the update

      • cathy

        Don’t update it! I hate it and wish i could go back to the old system

        • kristin

          me too. new one sucks



    • Tonya

      You can purchase it in the play store for $3.99, there are also free ones to that are just like if not better than Swype!

  • Ryan

    This update SUCKS!!! Where the F is the swipe keyboard? Howdo I change the color of the text on the banner back to blue?

    • Tonya

      Swype is gone but if you need it so bad you can simply download it at play store for $3.99, there’s even better free ones. There were alot of much needed upgrades and fixes, and you are mad that you can’t change the color on banner back to blue? I’m finally able to watch the movies I had bought when the hdmi quit working, and believe me, the kids thought that was great!

      • waterlily

        This version sucks! Texting is all done on a bright white screen. Distinguishing sent texts with received texrs is a head ache. Then they removed swype. Way to F*@# up a good thing. Change the colors back, out allow us to! white and black is hard on the eyes when on a light board.

      • john

        It seems that to by a is the only one happy with this “upgrade”. I think is ruined my phone. I travel the northwest states every week and my phone’s useability is almost worthless now.

  • Tovar Endwy

    Still waiting for the update here in phoenix has anyone gotten the update and had the 9.30.1xt926 software.

    • Banana

      Just got the update here in Arkansas.

  • Derek

    What happened to swype!!!!!!? I hate hunting and poking!!!

    • Tyler

      Just download the Google keyboard off the market…. Its got all the features of the swype keyboard.. And in my opinion… Is WAY better

      • vee

        I agree….I can’t believe they removed it…

      • William

        But Google keyboard doesn’t give the option to save new words to your dictionary

        • Mike D.

          Yes it does…after you’ve typed the word (and you see it on the suggested word line) just click on your word, then it will tell you to click it again to add to dictionary.

          Swype > Google Keyboard still…

  • maxxhd

    I am really disappointed because my corporate email doesn’t work but they took swipe away it needs to come back I cant even type!!

    • beer10t

      Maxxhd, did you get your corporate email figured out? Mine says, “Couldn’t open connection to server due to security error.” Worked just fine day before update, now this…. WTF!!!

      • Sabrina

        Has anyone been able to repair their Corporate Email? I still cannot get mine fixed with Razr M

  • April

    I hate these mandatory updates. My phone was so much better prior to this update. Where is my swype keyboard? That was the main reason why I chose Android over iPhone!!

    • Sue

      Just found out from Verizon, its gone with this upgrade. Can download an app that swypes, but it warns you that personal info like credit card number could be open.

      • Mark Racicot

        Well…don’t get crazy with that warning. After downloading the free Swype, users are propmpted to enable the free trial of Dragon Speaking, and in my experience, I didn’t get warned about the personal info thing until I enabled the Dragon trial… Based on that, I’m left with the understanding that Swype isn’t a security risk (any more than it was before)…but Dragon *could* be.

  • morgan

    This update sucks! If I wanted an iPhone I would have bought one…where is swype I want it back?!?! How do I change the color scheme? And what is this whole daydream function about? This sucks

  • Crystal

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting this update. My phone runs 10x better, I love it! I have the droid RAZR m. The only thing I’m upset about is that my swype is gone. Other than that, my phone has been saved!

  • Chris

    I don’t like the update. I want to be able to change the color background for my texts. Don’t like the white screen

    • mse

      I agree!!!!

    • Beth85

      I completely agree. The white one is WAY too bright – plus sent and received texts are the same color.

    • Keith

      I totally agree.

    • Droid Razr HD

      Ditto. Removing customization that was already there is mind boggling. Maybe they hired monkeys to do the UI in order to save some money.

    • aubri

      Was there any way to change it?

  • sw

    I too am not happy about lack of swype. I realize you can install a swype keyboard but it doesn’t have the return/enter button (for spaces between paragraphs) HELP!!!

    • Pissed off

      HELP!!!! I KNOW!!!

  • Tyler

    Just download the Google keyboard off the market everyone… If you liked swype… Google keyboard is exactly like it and better in my opinion… You can change the color from white to blue and shows what word your drawling as you draw it.

    • User

      I keep hearing this comment. It sounds like it’s from someone who doesn’t use Swype and is shilling for Google. If Google’s keyboard is so much better than Swype, why are there millions of Swype users? BTW: I bought the Swype keyboard and did not lose it with the Kitkat upgrade.

      Two things I do note that suck about the Kitkat update:

      1) Swype emotes are not images anymore. They are reduced to typed characters. Try it when texting and you’ll see what I mean.

      2) The green light pulse notification that was so cool is now BRIGHT WHITE. What dope thought that was the way to go? Now the light is so bright and white, it will keep you up if the phone is on a night stand and you are trying to fall asleep! FAIL!

    • Lauren

      The Google keyboard was not working at all for me, had to uninstall it. Every word I tried swyping came out wrong. How hard is it to understand the words “can” and “up”? It keeps putting “to” and “fab” instead, despite me being very deliberate. Plus no option to choose another word that’s close to it.

  • Sam

    I have a RAZR M, had to download the update this morning. I prefer the old version. I don’t like the appearance, but I’ll get used to it. I really don’t like the background on messaging though – it’s so difficult to read. And if I don’t get my Swype back, I’ll be switching to an iPhone when my contract is up

    • John

      I have been using Touchpal for a while now on my Droid M, and it works ten times better than swipe. …..hope this helps!

      I did notice that in my contacts the Alpha listing on the right side is now gone, I have to guess where about the letters used to be to find a name.

  • Andrea

    Most updates are ok but new keyboard sucks and give me swipe back!!!!

  • Charlie Chaplin

    Where in the f#@k did swipe go?….that was the only thing that made a droid better than an iPhone.

  • Laura

    I only use Android because of Swype. Holy hell they better fix this quick. Swype is the only reason I don’t have an iPhone. I saw the post about google keyboard, but when I went to download the app there was a notice about how the google keyboard may store passwords and credit card info (essentially anything typed will be stored). I’m not okay with that. I want Swype back. And how do you change the color on the background for messaging? I saw someone post about that, but I don’t see how to change it.

    • Melody

      You can change the color of the word you are typing to blue – not the background for the messages. Go to the Google Keyboard app, select Advanced settings and then select color scheme – choice are white and blue

  • greg

    No swype? What a joke. Have to learn to type all over again!

  • Kimble

    I just received the 182.46.10 update on my RAZR HD XT926 and the update fails ever time. Anyone get the install to work on XT926?

    • Richard G.

      Yes, I downloaded and updated my XT926 last night. The update installed fine. The only problem I’m having is with my google settings. The 4G icon and WiFi icons are gray, which means my phone isn’t connected to google. Oddly, I was getting all my google account updates.

      Some posts on the Verizon community forum are saying to remove your google account, then add it back. Currently doing that process now.

  • Ed Walker

    Just got the update and the phone is now bricked!

  • Jeremy

    Just woke up to mine bricked as well. Factory data reset and attempting to clear cache partition did not fix it either.

    • Jimmy B

      My Razr M is BRICKED TOO! No help at all from Verizon. They told me to buy another phone! Anyone get any help with this?

      • LenDog949

        I have a droid razr maxx HD, and I’m in the same boat. Spoke with Verizon several times. Short story: They suggested I get a new phone; No. They suggested I make an insurance claim; software problems not covered. They contacted Motorola on my behalf; Motorola sending a replacement phone. Still waiting.

        Tried savaging the phone. It got stuck on the Motorola logo and never made it past. Cleared memory, caches, did a factory reset. No luck. Currently looking for a ROM to side load. First two attempts failed.

  • Gary Garland

    I waited months for this update. I hate an add on swype and loved that it was integrated. I’m a loyal moto guy and appreciate their commitment to a nearly 2 year olf phone, but very unhappy. I might not have upgraded if I knew I’d lose my preferred keyboard entry. I hope the phone is faster now because the update and hopes of a new compiler is why I didn’t use one of my line upgrades to replace. Still, no warning about swype!!!

  • droid user

    I hate the background for messaging. Why in the hell would they change it to all white? The ease of reading text messages is gone and is more irritating than not having swype.

  • really annoyed

    wow! they left the crap and removed the good! looks like they want to lose business! NO MORE SWYPE!!!! who cares about Emojis! give us back our SWYPE
    and i was really hoping that the volumes for ringer and notifications would finally join up in one button pushing!! ugh!
    (btw,my hand is actually getting sore with this iphone keyboard crap!!)

  • swype myass

    This is BS! One of the main reasons I went with this phone was for the swype!

  • aecrox

    This is the worst update. My phone just took a leap 5 years backwards. No swipe. Lock screen lost all functionality. WTH?

  • amie

    this sucks….the white background in the texts just sucksssssssss
    and where in the hell do swype go
    wish i could go back

  • Pat

    Bring back swype or my upgrade will be to iPhone.

  • Shaun

    Damn it people.. I miss Swype too, but read the damn thread. Just download Google Keyboard and make it your keyboard. It’s got the same functionality as Swype and, IMHO, is better.

    • Keeper

      Except it stores your keystrokes.

      • Mike

        Doubtful. It _can_ store your keystrokes. So can the stock keyboard. So can the keyboard driver, the input subsystem, the os kernel, the app you’re typing into, any other app that might be hooked in, debuggers, scripting interpreters…

        You had that keyboard before the update, Google just made it optional, not evil.

        Paranoia is only good when paired with common sense.

    • Guest

      Google Keyboard is worse than Swype.

      It doesn’t have a list of alternatives in case they misread your gesture.

      So if you want to manually correct their mistakes, it doesn’t have arrow keys for you to easily move between characters.

      And it automatically inputs spaces when I’m trying to type in a URL.

  • Don

    I am sooooo Pissed that swipe is gone. [email protected]#$ this phone!

  • TonyP

    Text messages are now hard to read and there is no swype. This was no update. It was a downdate!!

  • Sandey Church

    Bring back swype or I will have to upgrade to a new phone. I dont like to hunt and peck!

  • Kimble

    There is a new thread started on Verizon Community regarding KitKat Update Failure. This appears to be happening on Razr M and Razr HD models. Join in please.

  • Erik Myrom

    What idiot greenlit an update that did away with swype? I hope they bring it back, it was one of the best features. But hey, thank goodness I can personalize emojis now. Cripes.

  • Karen K

    So far I do not like it. When you have to re-learn most of your phone…. it’s not a good thing.

  • jay

    swype is gone but try touchpalx – it’s better than google keyboard because unlike google it doesnt “personalize your keyboard” aka send all that you type to google servers. Don’t believe me? check out the settings for google keyboard. plus touchpal has had emoji for months. Also Im a little annoyed by the lack of colors in the notification light. I used to get green for text and yellow for snapchats… now it’s all just white. Another issue is when you receive a text and read it, it stays in the circle widget as if you didn’t read it. I also wish they still had the lockscreen with text, phone and camera unlocks- not the widgets, the unlocks tht go right to the app

    • Geeyantze

      Ya I agree. Plus the notification of the wifi, signal and the battery is all white. I donot even know if im connected to a wifi with internet connection or not.

  • Chris

    don’t mind most of the feel of the new update but can’t stand the texting updates. I messed with both Google Keyboard and touchpal x but not really impressed. Worse than that I hate the bright white background for my conversations. Why isn’t these an option to change the background color for texting? I also started to look for another texting app with how annoying this is. Please let me have my blackgrounds and white text!!!!!

    • mm

      I hated the new text layout and that it is all white. Got a free text app called Textra and it is so very nice and user friendly. Way better than any I have used. AND the set up does it all on it’s own, nothig for you to transfer or do but start using it. Lots of ways to personalize it also including colors in text and LED color

  • CrankySwyper

    Google Keyboard: “This input method may be able to collect all the text you type, including personal data like passwords and credit card numbers. It comes from the app Google Keyboard. Use this input method?” WTF?!?!?!?!
    Did the NSA buy Google, or just take it over??? This update SUCKSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

  • jrh1046

    I am so sorry I updated my Razr HD. I used to be able to delete a group of text messages when there were too many saved. Now I have to delete one by one. I also miss the Swype keyboard. Wish I could go back!!!

  • Shawna

    Ugh! Totally hate the new update! Why change what is not broken? I want my swype feature back and some color, so frustrated! Swype was the main reason for purchasing this phone!

  • disappointed

    No swipe? Why?????? Banner is white? Why???? Text background is white? Why?????? This update REALLY stinks! Fix the issues or I’m gone. Verizon sucks as it is, but now there’s no reason to keep this phone/contract!

  • Kristy

    I hate the white background on my texts!

    • Steve

      Try out Handcent messaging. I’ve been using it for years and I love it.

    • mm

      Textra is a great and user friendly app for texting. Lots of ways to personalize it such as colors and colors for the LED

  • D0ckl0ck

    Maxx HD Bricked.

  • Shiyas Mom

    My phone just updated to kitkat 4.4.2 and no swype!!! I hate not having the keyboard of my choice!! The google keyboard does not have all the features that Swype had i.e. auto apostrophes (sp) etc.

  • mat h

    Most of the update is good but the main thing is getting rid of the swype setting was the stupidest thing they could have done!!!!! I don’t want to use the Chinese swype setting either .. Please fix now

  • Juanita

    Where is the swype? The swype to text is the only reason I switched from my iPhone. The text background is hard to read. What happened to the blue banner? I liked this android feature a lot. I want the swype feature back or I might as well go back to my iPhone!

    • fischling

      Am I missing something? Why not simply download Swype from the Google Play Store if it got deleted. I had to pay a few bucks for the full version but it’s cost was squat if that’s what you want.

      I downloaded it from there way before the update and it is still on my phone after the update… and it is completely unchanged and functional.

  • caaz

    Why must you greedy jerks charge for swipe? Really??

  • Bigger problems

    I clicked “later” on the download because I was not aware there was one coming up and I wanted to research it. After I did, I went back and clicked update. Now, my phone is not updating anything. Every time I click “system updates” which is white and not gray, it doesn’t open. It opened one time and said that is was downloading and would be done later, but there is nothing to show that. I feel like I just missed out on the update and it won’t come back.

    On another note, I had no idea so many people actually use swype. What a weird way to text.

    • Atam

      I am having the same problem. I hit “Later” several times yesterday because it was an inconvenient time to upgrade but now it isn’t offering to do it at all. I restarted my phone but it didn’t help. Clicking “System Updates” does nothing. Did yours eventually work? I can’t find anything else online about this issue.

      • Keeper

        I think they may have pulled back on the upgrade after so many phones were getting bricked.

        Just be thankful that you don’t have to updated yet. IT SUCKS!!!

        • Atam

          Thanks for the info, Keeper. I didn’t realize there were so many people with bricked phones from this update. I see everyone is complaining about the keyboard being crappy now but I use Swiftkey so I don’t mind that issue.

    • Atam

      So anybody having this issue, turn off your wifi. As soon as I turned off my wifi, my ota update started. It’s strange that having wifi on could stop the ota, but it couldn’t have been a coincidence after waiting that many days. It didn’t erase my SwiftKey either. Good luck everyone!

  • Barry Gray

    I’m not happy with update first look.took all color out of status bar and most importantly can’t put pictures I get by SMS on external sdcard,even with app that helped do it RAZR m never allowed it except by using app with jellybean,kit Kat, won’t allow it at all :-(

  • Bill

    SwiftKey works for me. But this white background on messaging is way worse than the jellybean blue background. Overall much smoother though

  • droiduser

    Tried several times to update yesterday. Would get about 1/4 way though and the little android guy would flip on his belly with a triangle with a ! in it. Then phone would reboot and say update failed. Did a factory reset 2 times, still woulnd’t work. Today it says Update not available at this time……i’ll bet they pulled the update, guess they didn’t let it “SOAK” long enough.

  • Adam

    Mine updated to 37% then stalled, now I cant get it to update anything and hooking it up to use the motorola tool says an update is in progress but the phones not saying theres any update going on… hope this gets fixed soon cause I was kind of excited to hear we were getting kitkat after they said awhile back that they would stop support for the razrs

    • Adam

      Had to factory reset and now i’m getting a message saying I need a Motorola service account to update…

  • tom mcnerney

    For all you Swyper’s out there: It’s gone from my M as well, but I simply reinstalled it from the store at no charge! Bingo, it’s back and works better than ever! You can also download the Swype + Dragon trial. At the end of the trial if you don’t like it, just use the free Swype keyboard….

    • Kathy

      I believe you have to pay for swype after 30 days.

  • Craig

    What the heck?!?!? Am I the only one who thinks this is the best update ever? Everything is faster and smoother. Apps are more responsive. Sure, my SwiftKey wasn’t installed after the update but I just installed it again, no problem at all. If you used Swipe before you’ll probably be happy with the latest Google Keyboard which is free. If you want something else that some would say is better try SwiftKey. I think it has more time saving features and truly incredible text prediction. Yeah, I’d like to have different lock screen options to go directly to a few apps but now it supports lock screen widgets so you have a lot more flexibility than before. It’s only been a day and a half but so far I’m pretty impressed with the battery life and they may have fixed the audio skipping.

    I can’t believe people are complaining so much about this update. For me at least, it’s by far the best update I’ve ever gotten for any phone.

    • Matthew Timothy

      Doesn’t bother you the LED lights all went to plain white? That’s what I hated the most. Used to get green blinks for text, red for needing to charge, blue for Facebook, etc. Now it’s all the same plain white light.

      • A Downs

        Agreed. Is there a way to change the lights back to these colors?

    • Matthew Timothy

      Also caused my speakers to crackle and pop all the time.

  • mike

    This update is awful. The old text messaging you could tell my messages from incoming because they were different colors. Now everything is black and white. Who’s brilliant idea was this?? Makes absolutely no sense!

  • Richard G.

    Updated my Droid RAZR HD (XT926) the night of 5/15. Tried downloading the update over my home WiFi, but it just wouldn’t download. Had to turn off my WiFi and go back to Celluar to download the update. Thankfully I am not a heavy data user, so I had that much to spare. (My plan is only 2GB per month.)

    The update worked well. Phone rebooted twice before it was finished. It was late at night, so I went to bed thinking I’ll play with KitKat the next morning.

    So next morning arrives, and the first thing I notice is my 4G LTE icon is white. That’s odd, it’s supposed to be blue. So I do some googleing and discover that I have to remove and then add my google information to reset all the google services.

    I just did all of that. Took a long time to get all my google apps refreshed and re-synced (about 2 hours total.)

    Now I just have to play around with my notification settings and turn off a couple of things.

    I was never a Swype user so I don’t miss it. ;) I hate having to input text on a phone/tablet device anyways. Try my best to use voice input where i can. Or just ignore a message until I get to a real keyboard.

    • Nicole

      I am having the same issue with everything being grey, can you tell me what you did to disconnect everything from your google account? Are you saying you literally had to uninstall every app that is connected to google? That is madness!

  • Brad

    This update is horrible!!!! I can’t swype anymore the color scheme sucks!!! I hate bland stuff and this is all there is now. Plus I keep merging words together when I type. The people responsible are retarded.

  • Wayne Wallberg

    4.4.2 flaked out a number of thing. On Waze, all audible prompts clip off the beginning of the message. Instead of hearing ‘stay right in 500 feet’ I hear ’500 feet’. When a call comes in I can’t bypass lock to answer. My phone icon responds with ‘app isn’t installed’. And that’s justin the first few hours. Waiting to find more issues.

  • angela

    Hate they got rid of swype. Hate the notification lights are all changed to white. Hate they took away some of the things that made my Droid better than the iPhone. Dumb move ob their part.

  • david

    How can we start a petition to Google or Motorola to bring back swype? Anyone know how to complain to Google about that?

    • Ryan

      Don’t forget Verizon. They signed off on it.

  • Jesi

    THEY TOOK AWAY SWYPE?!?! That’s one of the main reasons I stick with this phone and Androids in general! This was a dumb choice to remove swipe!

  • Lesia Lowe

    I cant believe I upgraded to this CRAP!! I only have a few months to go before my NEW phone…… and I can promise IT WONT be a DROID!! I WANT MY SWYPE back……….. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR this ticks me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Audrey

    I’m not really a tech savy person, so for me, upgrades are always annoying. I think it’s hilarious (in a, “Are you kidding me, what are you thinking?” type of way) that the messaging settings are now white background with black text and the contact settings is not black background with white text. That’s my #1 complaint about this upgrade. Can they change the messaging back to it was before and have the black background with white text? Overall easier and cleaner to read. Also — is anyone else missing the blue color on the top of their screen where their wifi and 4G icons are?? I can’t tell now if I’m truly connected to either of them because it only shows up in gray….

    • Geeyantze

      i agree on this part. plus the swype, which i really miss on this phone. And the unlock to apps was best

  • shawn

    I can not believe what idiots the android product guys are. Didn’t they do any consumer research? Swype was their differentiator to iOS. Gonna get an iPhone now. Without swype no value in android…idiots

  • Michael

    NOT HAPPY with this update at all. I am a big user of Voxer and texting and first thing i notices is my SWIPE keying is GONE!!
    Way to go backwards verizon.. Very unhappy user. Bring back our swipe input for texting, that is actually what kept me from going to i phone because they don’t have swipe and my androids DID..

  • karen

    Went to MyVerizon for help. Suggested Verizon Messages+. LOVE IT. Give this a try. Just remember to replace your old text icon with new or it opens in old. Good Luck!

  • Nancy

    GIVE ME BACK MY SWIPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tonya

      Go to play store and download it for $3.99 our there are other keyboards just as good or better than Swype for free like Google keyboard.

  • katfish

    I have both razr hd and razr m. Since updates, lost all pictures in my phone gallery in razr m, and it damaged sdcard in razr hd. Im upset..didn’t have cloud set up prior. Lost all of my recently deceased mother’s and new grandson photos. Any suggestions??

  • Ryan

    If you haven’t updated yet…DON’T!!!!! KitKat is the worst update ever!

    1. Swip is gone
    2. The banner text is white instead of blue.
    3. The notification LED is now white.
    4. The texting background is white.
    5. All my Bluetooth devices were erased.
    6. My ringers were changed including the vibrate ringer.
    7. I now get numerous errors stating that it couldn’t sign in to Comcast (for email).
    8. Text notifications remain in the circle even after the text has been read.
    9. I now have issues with web page’s failing to load or freezing.
    10. Signal strength seems to be less for both the radio and WIFI.

    I’m sure I could go on but this shows how F’d up this so called update is. Verizon, Motorola, and Google seriously need to PULL THEIR HEADS OUT OF THEIR ASSES AND GET THIS FIXED NOW!!!!! at least give us back jellybean!

    • Ginny

      Totally agree with your assessment!! Besides the list that you posted, the Family Locator service is also no longer compatible!!! With a newly licensed teen driver, this service is valuable to me…

  • Rhonda

    I do not like this new update so far. The basic format has changed. The text screen blends in too much with theincoming and outgoing messages.just basic stuff is gone or too hard to find. Our erased all my phone songs I had for people. Not a fan. You need to do more work.

  • Tomeka

    This new keyboard is useless.

    Yes, loosing swype sucks, but where the hell are my arrow keys?! I’m spending 10 freaking minutes trying to get the curser where i need it now, do having to delete entire blocks of text and retyping.
    And don’t get me started on trying to doing any of my work now in my spread sheets because not only can i not navigate with out the direction arrows, but you took away my number pad so now i have to search out the numbers in the qwert line.

    Why break what wasn’t broken?!
    I dont have a computer-all my work is done on my phone. Well it was.
    If i cant get my keyboard back, this phone is useless

  • BrianD

    I am beginning to wonder if VZW is intentionally screwing up older phones so people will upgrade. I am out of contract in 6 months, so you know they want me to buy a new phone and sign another 2-yr contract.

  • Patrick

    Cannot bypass lock to answer the phone AND my keyboard is now in Arabic!!!! Was this an upgrade or a hint to go to iPhone?

  • Shane

    None of the alternative keyboards seem as good abenefits. . Battery draining like crazy. Notification light monochrome, as well as other icons. Not happy. No visible benefits.

    • Shane

      Oh ya, phone freezing all the time now. Reboot out of nowhere.

    • Brian

      My battery is also draining like crazy since updates and it’s all from “Google Services”. Never had this problem before. I’m surprised I’m not seeing more complaints about that.

  • Oscar Pavon

    My phone runs smoother and faster than ever!!

  • jpkomaha

    Google keyboard works just fine, maybe better for swyping. It does capitalize I automatically when used in a sentence

  • Rob

    If anybody notice Smart Actions don’t work either on the Droid Razr Maxx HD with the new update of the Kit Kat

    • jpkomaha

      My smartactions still work. You probably know this is a separate app, maybe you should try to reinstall it, or open the app and check the settings

    • Chip

      My SmartActions don’t shut down when the criteria is no longer being met. Have to go in and forcibly turn off the action and then back on again. Comcast email is constantly telling me that it cannot sign-on, my wife’s phone (same model – got update same day as me) won’t sign into her Facebook, and both of our contacts can’t sync up Facebook to see photos of our FB contacts, the notification bar and light are horrible (hate the all white light and the blended grey notifications, where is the blue, green, red, etc???). Hating this update.

  • AB

    I was sad about the loss of Swype but I am making do with the Google keyboard. My battery seems to drain really fast now. The phone doesn’t always give me notification of new emails either. But by far my biggest issue is that I can no longer answer phone calls. The phone rings and I repeatedly push the icon on the screen and nothing happens. Seriously what good is a phone without the functionality to answer a phone call? I wish I never got this update.

    • AB

      Alright I googled and found someone saying that you now have to slide to the right to answer the call. Previously I used to touch the icon and it would answer but that doesn’t work now. I tried it out and it works.

  • jpkomaha

    Something that got fixed is it now saves your downloaded files. They used to get deleted every day

  • Sandie

    The update of 5/16/14 on my droid messed up my messaging. It shows I have unread items but all are read. I’ve powered down several times, volume/power down button but no help. Even went to 2 stores… HELP! Anyone?

    • Stephen

      I have the same problem. My messaging icon shows 1 unread message, but there is nothing unread in messaging, or google hangouts and I ran “Reset Unread SMS” and it shows none unread. Started as soon as I applied the update to KitKat. – Motorola Droid Razr M.

  • kristin

    If it is working leave it the h*@% alone.

  • RazorM_User

    I hate all of the appearance changes.
    I liked the black background from the previous version for the text messaging. I especially hate the white background that makes it difficult for me to read.
    I hate the new keyboard color scheme, I liked the previous default keyboard color scheme.scheme
    I liked the previous wireless indicator that changed to teal when it finished authentication.
    I liked the previous battery indicator that was teal.
    Why the hell is everything this bland white color scheme. I’m straining to detect things on the screen that were previously easy to see; and, frankly, more appealing.
    I hate the new dial pad, it is more difficult to use, and most certainly less appealing to the eye.
    Overall: I am ticked off that the phone I fell in love with for the way it looked and performed is now putrid and distasteful. Updates for any reason whatsoever should not change appearances of anything on my device without my consent! If I want my device to look and function differently, I will seek those changes for myself. How about this: you people offer an appearance update for me to restore it to it’s previous state? That would make me and many others very happy.

    • Cristina

      I totally agree. I dislike this update very much. I don’t like my phone anymore. We should have the option to go back to the way we purchased this phone.

  • RazorM_User

    What else I hate:

    I hate the new font for the call time reports at the end of a call.

    I hate the new image placeholder for the people in my contacts list without a photo. That smiley face is so immature and stupid looking.

    I hate the changes to the little arrows that indicate incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.

    I might be forgetting some others, but I assure you that if I could just revert to the version before this Kitkat crap, then I would post a great and sincere thank you!

  • Steve

    I’ve never commented on any app or update before ever, but I feel compelled to express my hatred for this update. Remember how you could silence your phone with one flick of the thumb without having to unlock it? What a useful feature I USED to have on my Razr HD. I liked my notification light to blink green. Now i have to download an app that wants access to my DNA to change from white. New keyboard sucks. New text messaging format sucks. I don’t care about cute Japanese emoticons. Half the time I’ve tried to use them it shows up as gibberish on other people’s phones anyway. Snapchat doesn’t work as well. Notification light doesn’t blink for missed calls no matter what i try. Somebody PLEASE fix this!!!!!!

    • MKress

      I agree! If I could go back before the “update” I would!!

  • Curtis

    No swype
    No programmable screen unlock options
    No screen access to silence
    Text messages not distinguished
    Did big stuff on upgrade but screwed up the workings

    Pull your head out and fix it now!

    • harrison

      Exactly how I feel bout it, somethings I feel they should have defiantly updated but not to the point where they change the entire thing

  • Loretta

    I have had all the download issues listed in the other comments. I miss the swype, had issues with repairing everything that was jacked up. My contacts are the worst part of it all. I had them linked to Facebook and many of them are joined… Not after the update. Ugh… What a mess

  • harrison

    I don’t really like the new text messaging,I liked the darker background and I feel that the keyboard is smaller…I do like the emojis though its about time
    Plus this is just a personal feeling but when I get notified of a text…idk why the light is now white and not green, plus whenever I reply to a text its still sitting there in the circles and doesn’t go away unless I tap into it even though I just replied to it….so my only main problem with this update I guess u could say is the texting and stuff but I just wish they would go back the way certain things were

  • MKress

    I realize that some may be happy with the update and some of the “new” features. But why would you get rid of things like Swype!! The keyboard looks ancient now, and yes I did download the Google Keyboard, but why should I have to when swype came with the phone in the first place! Bad move. Also I no longer have the feature on the unlock screen to silence my phone, go directly to messaging, camera or phone option. Am I missing something?? I used to really like this phone, but I’m tempted to buy something different.

  • Xavier

    The white background for Text Messaging is fairly annoying. It’s difficult to see who said what. Also, the keyboard is a little smaller and more difficult to use. The emoji update is nice, but they should keep the old forms of messaging as well as the keyboard and add the emogi. I should be able to silence or change my volume to vibrate through the lock screen, as well as sort through my pictues like I normally could. It’s overall just more complicated, and annoying. They need to re add the scrolling bar you had in messaging rather then having to hand scroll through 1k+ messages. I’m disappointed with this update as many others are.

    • harrison

      Exactly how I feel bout this, the text messaging is more difficult than it really was….it was way more easier and better with the darker background
      And yea its way harder to see who said what, plus even though I reply to the text I get… It stays in the circles app with the clock and weather, etc. even though I had already replied to it…so i have to click into it to get it outta there
      Idk I just feel that they should fix it and make certain things the way they were b4 because obviously it was better….but the emojis are a nice touch for sure
      But I do agree with everything u said

    • jb

      RE: Vibrate option. Had to look at a few sites for comments and finally found out how to switch to vibe mode w/out keying the pin. You have to press and hold the power button till the menu pops up.. and then can switch to vibe/silent/sound as well as airplane mode or power off.

  • Mary Van Tol

    My bluetooth no longer works with my Nexus 7 or IPad mini

  • Traci

    I want my swype back! This is ridiculous!!! The apps you can download to replace it either cost or can save your private info you type!

    • Chris

      Try the Swift keyboard.

    • Ryan

      Try TouchPal X. It’s free, doesn’t record your key strokes, and seems to work pretty good so far. It also had the arrow keys along with copy/paste functions.

      • Guest

        TouchPalX is the best alternative I’ve found, but it’s still inferior to Swype because it auto-adds spaces in URLs and, while it does have arrow keys, they aren’t always visible/available to use.

  • Mike

    No swype? No duel function keyboard? Feels like I’m sending Morse Code. … — … Only slower! Wtf used to be able to type with one hand.. Now Peck peck peck..
    On a positive I don’t feel tied to Android any more. Whoever let this one through messed up. Hold on let me shift the keyboard so I can finish with!!!!!! What a pain¡

  • Pablo

    RAZR M that has been cache wiped and factory reset after KitKat install.
    WiFi is weaker and the phone receives only 3G in areas that received 4G, prior to KitKat.
    WiFi and cellular icons are white only. The manual states that these icons are to turn blue when connected to the google servers. I have not seen either turn blue since installing KitKat. Am I connected to the google servers or not???
    I REALLY miss the lock screen shortcuts. WTF were they thinking when they decided to remove these? The lock screen widgets do not take the place of app shortcuts.
    The white background on the stock SMS program sucks! I tried “Hangouts” and did not like it. I installed Handcent and it has many skins to choose. I am liking it. I just hate to add an extra app to an already small internal storage, since we no longer have the option of running apps from the external sd card.
    I don’t miss the left out swipe, since I’ve been using SwiftKey for a while.
    I also don’t like the way the RECENT APPS button functions. The currently used app now goes to the front of the list, making it more difficult to quickly switch between two apps, especially when used in a navigation dock, while driving. I now have to look for the app, instead of knowing that it is right at the edge of the screen, finding it with muscle memory. Maybe I’ll be able to adapt, after getting used to it, but I don’t see the advantage of this change.

  • Mike

    Well it seems like a lot of unhappy people but so much complaining about a couple dollar app that u can get from the play store? come on people. Its barely the cost of a drink. How about a more details opinion of the rest of the good and bad.

    • Pam

      These apps that we are complaining about loosing after the crappy upgrade, were part of the reason we selected these phones. Like someone else had posted. Why should we know need to purchase things that were already part of our phone.

  • cesar

    Awful upgrade. Also kitkat doesn’t allow ford sync read my text messages like my phone used to before! I have a droid razr maxx HD. My fusion now says my phone isn’t compatible… Want to go back to jellybean.

  • Heather

    I did the update this morning razr m phone seems to be running faster but really really miss

    quick screen access to change from silence to sound on screen lock screen
    Text messages not distinguished hate white backgroud
    notification lights not distigueshed
    I REALLY need SWYPE back please fix this ASAP I shouldn’t have to buy something that used to be standard and FREE

    If you change nothing else please do an update to give SWYPE back I can deal with the rest but txting SUCKS major without SWYPE!!!!!

  • BozoneMontana

    Is there a way to turn my phone to vibrate w/o having to enter my password?

  • David R Thornton

    I hate this update. My swype input cut my text time in half. If the Motorola keyboard doesn’t help I’ll go back to USCellular.

  • Bob

    Absolutely horrible update! I Use the Dolphin Browser — before I could pinch-zoom a column of text to a larger size and then double tap the screen and it would automatically confine the larger text to the screen size making it all readable at the larger size– with NO scrolling side to side. Now, after this update, it no longer does that! Double tapping the screen simply changes the size from really small to slightly larger, but in no way serves the purpose it did before. This absolutely destroys web-browsing on the phone.

    Checked Chrome (awful browser) as well and it is the same.

  • Ann

    I have a Razr HD. This is a terrible update! I want the old OS back! Hate the loss of the swype keyboard (downloaded both swype free version and google keyboard from playstore, but didn’t like the keystroke logging feature on both). Also hate the lack of distinctive backgrounds between incoming and outgoing texts. I also have tried numerous time to reset my phone ringtones but they always revert to the default. The alphabet sidebar is gone in contacts so it’s not as easy to quickly find the contact you want. I preferred the blue status bar, but can live with the white. All in all a disappointment – especially with the forced upgrade. I usually prefer to have a choice about whether or not to install upgrades and this one appeared out of the blue. Where are the supposed benefits? I haven’t seen one!

    • Chris

      Try the Swift keyboard.

    • Guest

      If they Swype Free is logging your input, then the previous version probably was, too.

    • Guest

      In addition to the Swype removal, the install deleted all my saved wireless networks. Not the end of the world, but a pain to have to go re-input all of those.

      I usually check online to see how updates were received, but I didn’t think time. I wish that I did.

  • ag


    - My own personal SD card that I BOUGHT FOR MY OWN USE is now inaccessible.
    I can’t save memos, unencrypt secure files that I have there, etc.

    - In doing this, GOOGLE is FORCING USERS into using their GOOGLE DRIVE to “SAFE STORE”
    private documents into GOOGLE’s CENTRALIZED CLOUD.


  • ThatOneGuy

    Oh come on! What happened to swipe?!

  • Chris

    I have a MOTO Razr HD on Verizon. I just received the 4.4.2 update. Now the phone freezes up all the time. Twitter wont load. There are no Emojis! I have had to HARD reboot the phone 10 times. BTW I never had to do before, EVER!!! KITKAT IS HORRIBLE!! It has only been less than a day and I am ready for an I PHONE>SHAME ON GOOGLE FOR MAKING SUCH GARBAGE!!!!

  • thtguy

    shouldn’t have upgraded, VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike A.

    Hate to say what’s already been said 100 times, but if you haven’t already updated, DON’T. It’s awful and is honestly causing me to consider other carrier/OS options. It’s that bad. And as others have said, the common thread seems to be that all of the awful changes benefit google, not you, the user.

  • JohnB

    Hey android and Moto… two main reasons I own a MAXX HD and have never gone over to the iphone…

    1) Swype typing
    2) Battery capacity

    just lost one of these in an update ? ? ? ?

    • JohnB

      After reading advice from others I searched out the Google keyboard. I like it. It does replace swype and as others have stated… i kinda like it better.

      Don’t know exactly what “big” issues others have with this upgrade. It is different but over all I am happy with it now that I have my Swype… or now I should use the Google term “Gesture typing” back.

      Keep in mind on my review… I DO NOT live and die over using my phone. I am NOT the person who uses their phone constantly. Much of my weekend and vacation time is spent (brace yourself) without my phone in possesion. My phone is primarily for work purposes and used very little for a entertainment device (toy)… and yes… I am an old dude…

  • Chase

    I hate this update, everything is good besides the sms color, white? no! I want the blue back!

  • john

    I’ve been trying to update all day and continue to get the dreaded “update failed” error. Phone is stock, never rooted or anything (honest). Any ideas on what how to proceed. I’ve been reading some other places and it seems that others are having this issue with their stock phones as well. thanks for any help in advance.

  • JCarter

    What they’ve done is add features that don’t add any value to our daily lives and taken away or changed what we use hourly!!! Typical programmer mentally… screw the user!!!!

    -Swype gone;
    -Keyboard design sucks;
    -Phone pad sucks;
    -Txt messaging sucks;

  • tami

    Hate the update! Wtf! Hate the color, and omg, without swipe this sucks! Hate the keyboard! Why do they change basic things so much!? Hate it! Thanks a lot!

    • JohnB

      try Google keyboard. Wont take care of all your comments but will fix the Swype problem.

      If you do this also note they call it “Gesture typing” and of course you have to turn it on…

  • tami

    Wow, this is awful. Hate Google keyboard… Nothing like old one. Why would you make this change.. Do u think people don’t use their keyboards? I never found a keyboard that was even close to the old one. And where are the arrows that was at the top of keyboard?!!!!!! Now if i mess up one letter or word it takes five minutes to fix it! This is the worst! Hope they fix it!!!!!!!! Thinking abt getting another phone!!!!!! And hate the color change of everything! And backspace used to go one space, now it’s the whole word.. Really Google keyboard, u couldn’t do a little better?

  • Jeanette

    DON’T DO IT!!! Wish I had read this forum 3 hours ago. After 4 days of Verizon trying to push this update through and multiple update failures, it finally updated AND CRASHED MY PHONE BEYOND REPAIR. Just spent 2 hours at Verizon with no luck of recovery. luckily, i had extended coverage and they are shipping me out a phone…however, that doesn’t help with today or all the BS it will take to get everything loaded back on my replacement. It should have been tested before being pushed out. Oh and my phone was stock, but did have encryption for work. ugggg

  • RichPet

    I did the up date. Now I can’t receive pictures in my messages. Droid RAZR maxx HD.

  • CoachRatBastard

    Hate it. Keyboard sucks, colors suck. Apps keep closing. No more Motorola for me.

  • Sean

    1. Swype is gone. And no one wants to download Google keyboard have have their keys logged.
    2. The banner text is white instead of blue.
    3. The notification LED is now white.
    4. The texting background is white.
    5. All my Bluetooth devices were erased.
    6. Text notifications remain in the circle even after the text has been read. VERY VERY ANNOYING!
    7. I now have issues with web page’s failing to load or freezing.
    8. Signal strength seems to be less for both the radio and WIFI.
    9. Texting buttons are even smaller now. And the layout of the keys on the keyboard have changed!
    10. Lock screen silent / vibrate button is now gone. I used this all the time! NO EASY WAY TO SLIENT THE PHONE ANYMORE!
    11. NO ONE wants to use Hangouts. I completely disabled it!
    12. And NO ONE cares about stupid Emojicons!

    Verizon and Google you’ve totally ruined MY phone.

    • William Smitj

      Ditto on my Maxx HD. I am ready to pay the $175 early contract cancel fee & get rid of this garbage.

      Copied from Sean’s comments:

      .1. Swype is gone. And no one wants to download Google keyboard and have their keys logged.
      2. The banner text is white instead of blue.
      3. The notification LED is now white.
      4. The texting background is white. AND TOO BRIGHT!
      5. All my Bluetooth devices were erased.
      6. Text notifications remain in the circle even after the text has been read. VERY VERY ANNOYING! BIG PAIN!!!
      7. I now have issues with web page’s failing to load or freezing. MINE TOO!
      8. Signal strength seems to be less for both the radio and WIFI.
      9. Texting buttons are even smaller now. And the layout of the keys on the keyboard have changed! WHAT IS UP WITH THIS RIDICULOUSNESS FROM VERIZON??
      10. Lock screen silent / vibrate button is now gone. I used this all the time! NO EASY WAY TO SLIENT THE PHONE ANYMORE!
      11. NO ONE wants to use Hangouts. I completely disabled it! SAME HERE!!!!
      12. And NO ONE cares about stupid Emojicons! UNLESS MAYBE YOU ARE UNDER AGE 12.

      Verizon and Google you’ve totally ruined MY phone. DITTO!!

      • janet

        i too agree on the complete list….. they need to give you the option to reset back to the old software.. i dont want to down load apps.. i want to use just the ones on my phone… uggghh
        road trip to motorola to picket out side their headquarters…

      • steph

        That T-Mobile deal is sounding better and better….

    • PM

      13. They took away the alphabet listing next to the scroll bar on the People/Contacts screen.

  • Vince

    I have a question which I hope someone could answer for me, please:

    I have a Droid Razr Maxx HD. The screen keeps coming up for the 30 second countdown to download the update, and I keep choosing to download later, as I don’t want to update the phone. If I’m absent and the update does download when I’m not paying attention, will I then get a similar screen asking me if I want to then actually install the update? I want to know if I need to maintain my constant vigilance to make sure it doesn’t download, since I’m unsure if it automatically installs when the download is finished.

    tl;dr Does the update automatically install immediately after it’s finished downloading?

    Any help, especially from users with a Droid Razr Maxx HD, is very much appreciated. Thank you.

  • Ryan

    All, here’s some info that may help. Apparently the Bluetooth is causing disruption with Wi-Fi. To temporarily remedy this try turning off the Bluetooth. For keyboard alternative to Swipe, try TouchPal X, is free, doesn’t record your keystrokes, and has the arrow keys (as well as copy/paste buttons). If you want a colored notification LED,try LED Blinker. It seems to work OK,but you will probably want the paid version, as the free version doesn’t include email notification.

    Hopefully this helps some of you to cope with this piece of SHIT “upgrade”. Note: I am using Razr MaxxHD.

    If anyone finds a way to change the icons on the banner (I.e. signal strength, battery, etc )back to blue, please let post.

  • William Smitj

    Maxx HD here…. Update is a step wayyyy back. Texts all the same color: bright white & no apparent way to change. All Droid emicons are gone & replaced with teenager type emicons, If on charge, incoming calls are blocked. Phone hiccups more easily with incoming email & text messages. Update certainly isn’t an update. Looks like an attempt to simplify software issues by taking phone back to previous rev level, not fix them.

    • janet

      I completly agree…. cant stand the updates and also the light that tells you you have a message is white which dahhhh you cant see that when you’re out side. Also it doesnt tell you how much your battery is charge on the sign on pad.

      i am furious… why did they have to touch the cosmetic things just fix the other issues.

      ugghhh they better get this fixed soon.

  • leslie

    Google drive is missing an add on,text function stays in the person with last text rather than going back to name choice list. Hate themes

  • JOE G

    The updated texting makes me want to ditch my phone. I’ve been sending texts to the wrong people, i get constant reminders about texts I’ve all ready read, and ITS ALL WHITE. Its very unprofessional looking and there are no options to change this.

    There should be an option to undo this or a way to get from underneath this phone now. I mainly use it for texting and since that has been grossly changed I no longer want this phone. Why should I be forced to keep something that I didn’t want?

  • Xavier

    Due to having this update, I’m going to place everything on my computer, or see if Verizon can change it back to the previous version. If not, I’m factory resetting my phone. This update is obserd.

  • MichaelaM

    I hate the changes made to the texting screen. Its all white, light gray, and small black print. I can’t tell which message is mine and which the the reciever. It used to be in blue and you could easily distinguish. I can’t even tell which messages are new. Looking at it gives me a headache and I have tried and failed to find any way to change the color scheme. Andriod can take the new daydream app and shove it and return my old texting app. Thanks but no thanks.

  • pappeh

    I downloaded Chomp SMS because I hated the new SMS user interface and it looks 100% better. Still white, but at least there is a clear differentiation in color and space between incoming and outgoing texts. Highly recommend downloading an SMS program you like and switching from the default.

  • Bill

    I normally like it when I get updates because normally they improve function or add features that help me speed things up. In this case, however, I think Google took a page from Microsoft’s playbook and changed stuff that didn’t need to be changed, moved stuff that didn’t need to be moved and in general just screwed things up. Some settings are no longer optional, others are simply gone, and in most cases there is no way to say “I prefer it to look like it used to”. My keyboard keys have moved into different spots, I have a thousand new smiley’s that I neither want nor like, and my biggest complaint is that none of the changes are optional. It’s one thing to offer an “either/or” change on the GUI. It’s a straight up Microsoft move to completely re-write the GUI and say “this is the new way, deal with it”. If there are back-end changes that need to be made for security or compatibility reasons, great, I’m all for it. But changing the interface simply for the sake of changing it is hard on the customers. Some people will embrace the new GUI and say this is great. Others like me like the way it used to look. I guess I just wanted the option. Is that such a bad thing? If this is how Android is going to handle things from here on out, I may as well go back to a Windows phone. At least when I get a change from them, I know it’s going to be completely screwed up.

    • Bill

      And oh BTW, check your NFC settings because mine was set to ON by default after the update, which is a large security hole.

      • jrh1046

        What are NFC settings?

  • jrh1056

    Call Motorola 800-734-5870 and voice your concerns about the update. Perhaps if they get enough complaints they’ll take steps and change the concerns everyone has about the update. I called and there answer was to send me another phone in exchange for the one that was defective. I tried to explain it wasn’t the phone that was defective but there software. I really miss the swype keyboard and the ability to delete just a few text messages rather than the whole thread.

  • Laurie

    I just installed the kit Kat update on my razr hd and about every 5-10 minutes my phone keeps rebooting. Anyone having the sAme problem? Any ideas how to fix it?

  • TY

    Is there any way to delete multiple text messages with deleting the entire thread?

    • TY

      ….WITHOUT deleting the entire thread…

      • jrh1046

        That is one of the biggest things that I miss also. Haven’t found a way to do it yet. I even called Motorola and complained to them – that is where Verizon directed me.

    • CP

      EXACTLY! why can’t you highlight multiple texts you want to delete (or protect) at one time anymore?

  • kim

    I did an update and my phone is ringing and I can’t answer my incoming calls

    • Steve

      You have to drag the icon to the right. It took me a couple days to figure it out too.

      • Linda

        THANK YOU!!!!!! Since the “upgrade” I was not able to pick up incoming calls – until I read your message.

        Now my annoyance is having to re-pair with Bluetooth devices (cars, etc.).

  • Sandy Banny

    I HATE this upgrade, especially the fact that the Swype feature is gone, gone, gone!! And the text having no color differentiation is horrid. Just blah bland white everywhere. Awful . I am searching everywhere to try to find a way to go backwards and uninstall this piece of you-know-what. Any suggestions? Help help help!

  • Concerned Citizen

    I hate this upgrade. I spent the past couple years getting used to my phone being the way it was, and now that I was forced to do this update, it frustrates me to no end. The simple things like unlocking my phone, or hitting snooze on my alarm. Now I have to be coordinated to hit snooze, and that just defeats the purpose. The bright bright background for texts hurts my eyes, and makes things harder to read. Your update ruined this phone for me, and I want you to push out an “upgrade” that lets us roll this back to the earlier version. I was not aware of how drastically you changed everything, and I did not agree to this. I thought this was just a regular update. You think you know what the consumer wants, and you were wrong. Give me my damn phone back.

  • Doug

    Hate the update. I think the phone runs better but the feature changes suck………

  • Steve

    (Moto Razr HD) Has anybody else noticed how bad the speaker sounds after the update? My ringtones crackle and sound hollow, the GPS robot lady’s voice sounds like she’s under water, and the voice commands robot lady sounds like she has suddenly developed a lisp. It makes the phone feel cheap…. still can’t believe how one single update could so dramtically downgrade the entire phone. Total garbage!!!

    • Jeff

      I am having the exact same issue. Every time there are sounds, a popping or crackle first happens. This update has some really irritating flaws for HD RAZR. Plus I really miss the slider on unlock screen for changing sound mode (silent to on)

  • ME

    This update has three immediately noticeable flaws iMO
    1. the sound on/off widget disappeared from the lock screen
    2. the tcp/ip stack indicator, which used to turn blue when internet was connected for both wifi and 4g is now white-only, with no visual indication of when tcp/ip / dns / internet is connected. All white at the top now. I liked the blue clock, battery, etc. and I can live with white-only on those, but to have no way to visually see a valid internet connection when the wifi or 4g meter turns blue is a trajedy.
    3. the keyboard is not bigger, it is smaller, so if you have an otter box case, you are going to be hitting “n’s” and “b’s” alot when you hit space bar on the horizontal keyboard now. better get used to the idea of even worse input typos and also, even though i didn’t use it, SWYPE is completely gone after the update to 4.4.2

    I am not satisfied. another grievance is the phone dialer changed, and it is not as nice looking as before. IMO this is just another “feel good” and “make it prettier” update that failed in both areas.

  • ME

    ok, and no carriage return on keyboard? Although the performance was good before, the performance is up a little after the 4.4.2 update on the RAZR-M, but these little changes are annoying.

  • Me

    When I text, when I type a :) it no longer appears as an emoticon. I used to have that option; is that gone?

  • Jim

    Got a notice from Verizon this morning that the KitKat update is available. Glad I saw this discussion before I went ahead with downloading and installing. Sounds like there are many negatives. I use the SwiftKey keyboard with its amazing personalized predictions that are shared among devices, so the loss of Swype isn’t an issue with me. I listen to Audible books, so any degradation in sound performance would be a problem. I like the green blinking light that tells me I have a text. Sent and received texts with no differentiation would be confusing. Is there some way I can turn off the invitations to download the update? At least for now, until I know more, I don’t want it!

  • VAGal

    Is anyone having docking issues since the uncalled for ‘update’?

    It seems as if all of my apps on the desktop screen have been erased. When I hit “edit app launcher”, no apps even load. Grrrrrr.

    Don’t even get me going re the loss of swype, but see that’s a fairly common complaint.

  • Brett rzr hd

    I just downloaded swift key and it has swype in it and it predicts your words Pretty well. And you can Change the keyboard theme. Swype is all I used to use. I hope they will bring it back. But other than that. I think the update made my phone faster and everything. I didn’t have any downloading problems either.

    • Jim

      The longer you use SwiftKey the better your predictions will be.

  • Chip

    To add to my previous rant…. The Waze voice gets chopped off. What the hell is this Google Pinyin Input shit?!?!?! I want this gone immediately! I don’t give a damn about typing in Chinese on Android. And while playing back my music stored on the internal storage, the songs/files are corrupted, even deleted and recopied them and they won’t play at all.

  • jo

    Have had KitKat few hrs and I HATE IT!!!! Totally hate it!

  • Tonya

    Wow! So many people pissed about not having Swype anymore…YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT IN THE PLAY STORE! Of course for the cost of $3.99 lol, but there are other keyboards like Swype, for free some ever better. I love this update! It fixed the issue I had with my hdmi no longer working. I couldn’t watch the movies I had purchased, now I can again. Most of the issues people are upset about can easily be fixed by simply going to the Play store and downloading a few things. The only thing I don’t like Ida that I can’t change fonts (or I haven’t figured out how yet), but I’m not going to throw a fit about it, just live with It.I do love alt of the new features.

  • Anonymous

    Seems too much like apple with the crappy new keyboard and no swype. And what happened to the color in the notification bar? Anyone know how to uninstall KitKat and back to the previous version?


    There is nothing remotely good happening since this update a few days ago. I am not pleased with many of the new “anxiously awaited” features on my Razr HD. Hate that emoticons that are sent to me now only show as the keys used to make them, the new emotes are stupid imo. I have a single color notification light when I used to have green for messages and gmail, violet for yahoo mail and blue for facebook and corp email. After the update I had to do 43 app updates which one would expect but after a couple days of having nothing work right and my phone freezing constantly, I did a factory reset. I can no longer retain a 4g signal, dropping to 3g and 1x after only a few minutes on 4g. My hotspot won’t stay connected. My phone’s battery gets extremely hot with any usage including phone calls and texting. After the reset and redownloading all my apps, in less than an hour I needed to do 39 updates AGAIN. A phone shouldn’t take up this much time and energy for an update. I’ve been all through my settings for the phone and each individual app only to discover that I no longer have any sounds associated with notifications meaning the phone makes no sound at all for notifications, doesn’t matter what I set it to. If my phone rings and I try to unlock the screen, it freezes and I miss the call. My phone had been flawless for almost a year until last Septembers little update which caused a few glitches. Now my phone is junk. This is the only excuse I needed to ditch VZW once and for all and give up on Motorola garbage for good.

  • Bryan M

    To ALL regarding the KitKat update and it causing the loss of SWYPE and the loss of a keyboard with the ability to type/SWYPE punctuation from main screen… I have a Motorola RAZR HD and the KitKat update did the same thing to my phone. I HATE the update. But I found a decent solution: I purchased the $3.99 SWYPE + Dragon app. That solves BOTH issues folks. Once you download the app, open it up, go into its Settings > Themes. In Themes change the keyboard theme to Classic. Doing that BROUGHT BACK MY PUNCTUATION on my main keyboard screen, THANK GOODNESS. Other themes might do same thing, not sure. Still searching for solution to all text messages being same white color, that is useless.

  • CWhirt910

    I am not enjoying this new update at all. Don’t like the fact when I receive a text message I have to check all 3 places it shows up just to get rid of the notification of the message. Don’t like the blank white in the messaging page as well. Don’t like the fact my lock screen is changed that I can’t swipe to camera, unlock and the other 2 which I forget right now. Don’t like how everything shows up white now and doesn’t show if I have 4g or not. This update really made me angry now and I will do anything I have to, to uninstall it. Tried of dumb companies releasing stupid updates that majority of people don’t like.

    • aubri

      Let me know if you figure how to uninstall it or at least change the colors!

  • CBW

    hate it, couldn’t even get it unlocked! It changed all the colors and display, wiped out all my contact photos, doesn’t show the phone # with the name. Have to click on the name, then will show # with a text symbol only…no phone symbol???? Like I don’t even have a choice anymore!
    Very frustrating. If I didn’t have a contract I’d take it back.

  • Matt Clipper

    My email doesn’t work, and i can’t pick up incoming calls. But that’s okay, because my battery drains quickly. Good stuff.

  • Deb

    Just give me my swipe text back and I’ll be happy. I can deal with color changes, I just hate pecking on this tiny keyboard.

  • BrewWarrior

    I hate everything about the new “update”!!! The colors totally suck. Yeah, great idea to make texts the exact same color! It all blends together. The keyboard is absolutely terrible!!! Leave it like a standard qwerty keyboard! The keys are smaller and I couldnt give a crap about cute emoticons.I need a functional tool to push upwards of 40 emails a work day. The “securtiy” features are simply a breach of privacy!!! Google doesn’t need to have access to my personal contacts nor my email to use the GPS functionality. KitKat is TRASH!! I really hope they put the keyboard back the way it was. Its taken me over 10 minutes to write this because of the tiny keys.

  • brickland

    Update deleted my navigator app that came with the phone. Hate all of the update. Start screen too small.

  • Roschelle Anderson

    I hate I don’t have color in my text messages. It looks blah.

  • EXTREMELY upset

    This update is completely horrible. I wish I could undo it. I’m so upset that I just want a new phone. As everyone is saying, the keyboard sucks, and the lack of color makes things difficult to find, read, and see if it’s working. This update is terrible.

  • trish

    I hate this upgrade. Some of my apps no longer work because they aren’t KitKat ready. My last incoming text doesn’t clear out of my circle widget. WiFi works so much better-NOT!! My keyboard is more difficult to use. My blinking notification light colors have changed. The display color at the top of my is now white and hard on the eyes. Phone lags! Ugh I could go on. Not happy

  • Aaron

    Wow, looks like I’m one of the few who actually like this update. My phone runs so much smoother now. Also, I was initially upset that swype was gone but now after using my thumbs to text for a few days I think I like this method better.

  • Dave

    I just had the update forced on my today. Terrible update!

    I don’t know about all the other fancy features, but they messed with some basic things that were great in the previous version.

    The text messaging screen went from alternating black/blue to separate who was saying what to ALL WHITE and making it difficult to separate what you’ve send vs. responses.

    The other problem is on the contact list…. they removed the alphabet list to click quickly to a particulare letter. I have almost 500 business contacts in my phone and now I have to scroll endlessly to get to the “W’s” for example. Previously there was a ‘ittle “w” to the side that when touched would take you right to the W’s.

    I hate the way Android presumes you want an update. Users should be able to disable automatic OS updates.

  • WhyMeNow

    Kitkat 4.4.2 on Droid Maxx Razr HD Verizon is a NOGO — Don’t Do It !! There are a number of serious issues that neither Verizon, nor Motorola will own up to currently. Battery drain is significant on kitkat. SMS (Texting) and the management of the texting lists and selective delete of messages within a conversation is completely MISSING! Multiple deletes of messages within your list is now impossible. KitKat is a very large and significant mistake. Verizon does nothing to assist and pushes you to Motorola. Motorola describes these (and others) as “feature changes” with KitKat. Drops wifi often. Drops out of 4G into 3G more often. Guess they have us all by the nards.

  • Drew Schroeder

    I expect my Swype to be back very soon – this no Swype is bull!!!

    I’m with everyone else on this, why would I buy it for $3.99 after using it for free for 2 years ???!??

  • Slpook

    Horrible! May now have to go to IPhone! Thx Motorola and Verizon, just ruined my phone!

  • Kim

    I see to be having issues receiving photos since the update, has anyone else had this issue?

  • aubri

    I absolutely hate this new update! If I wanted an iPhone that’s what I would have bought in the first place! I can’t stand the bright white on the messaging screen SUPER ANNOYING! What was wrong with the blue? Too many sucky changes!

  • kjack25

    Regression. Really? I am a lifelobg moto loyal customer and this update just changssd muy.. Oh screw this stupid keybiard. Get ing an IPhone.damn I hate when my spouse wins the who’s phone is.better game

    • kjack25

      Oh and PS. I never used swipe. The new keyboard just sucks compared to the prior one.

      • Glenn Brockett

        The google keyboard (in the store) is good. swipe like, but also single key compatible.

  • zannarak

    this update sucks and i hate the change that both sent and received texts are white. i dont need a picture of a blank smily face on both sides because i dont have a picture assigned to the contact. REVERSE THIS.

  • zannarak

    if this isnt fixed in roughly a week im dropping this GD phone for a new one. I’m unable to reverse the installation of this FAIL update, and I cannot modify the layout back to that of the original GOOD design, from this new SHIT one. Ill go to the store for a new phone, they’ll ask whats wrong with your current one, and I’ll say: its mapping has been irreversibly screwed by an official update.

  • Julia Spinhirne

    Just did my upgrade and now my SMS notifications don’t work!

  • faivsrbad

    I’m so mad! It took away swype as an original option… Am I supposed to get an app for that?

  • db

    hating the new upgrade – changes to messaging are awful! used to be able to select multiple texts to delete in 1 click while leaving others. can’t seem to do this anymore?? have to delete 1 at a time, or worse, accidentally just deleted an entire string of important texts! does any one know how to restore this conversation?? or better yet, reverse this upgrade? lack of color differentiating texts – totally confusing! no return key?? how do i list info? total setback Motorola!

  • waterlily

    This version sucks! Texting is all done on a bright white screen. Distinguishing sent texts with received texrs is a head ache. Then they removed swype. Way to F*@# up a good thing. Change the colors back, out allow us to! white and black is hard on the eyes when on a light board.

  • Claudia C

    Cannot download my photos that are stored on my SD card!! It only seems to find my internal storage, the SD card is not an option – help!! How do I get my photos off my phone and saved to a PC?? Verizon and Motorola have no idea what the issue is.

    • Glenn Brockett

      Take the card out of the phone and plug it into the PC? (Using the appropriate adapter.)

  • Chris L

    Not a fan of this update at all. I really do not need a ton on emiticons. What I NEED is for my camera to work like it used to. I have lost the ability to pick my ISO speeds, and now it takes 3-5 seconds or longer for the pic to register it was taken. No more quick shots. Move in the slightest the pic comes out blurry. I bought the phone for it’s awesome photo taking capabilities, now it is basically useless to me…..UGH! So not what I needed right before my vacation!

  • Glenn Brockett

    RAZR M: Do not do it! Per Verizon TS, (and my experience) there is a major bug with connecting to WiFi if you do this update.
    Do not take the update dated May 9 2014. I had to get a replacement phone after walking through a cache clear and hard reset (and am now on 4.1.2). TS says to wait until the update is rolled out. I really did not notice much in the way of improvements to the operating system with the upgrade anyway.
    On the up side, I could now root the phone (4.1.2) if I wanted to. :)

  • Don

    MOTO Razr HD.. Like the majority, this update jacked up my phone. I didn’t use swype so no loss there for me, however there is now a conflict with my WIFI and Bluetooth. If my BT is on and connected, WIFI will loose internet, and guess what?… there is no way to know there is no data because the icons in the notification bar are all white all the time now. all the other crap that people are complaining about is annoying as well… white text screen, unlock screen no longer has the vib-ring switch, contacts screen is stupid… on and on..

    There is one good side to this update that I have noticed; the phone is faster and reacts faster when switching between apps.

    I want my Jellybean back :(

  • David

    Wow, this upgrade sucks. The keyboard stinks, Swype is gone, everything is bright white it’s hurting my eyes, the text chats are all one color bright white super annoying, I have not found one redeeming quality in kit Kat.

  • James certonio

    This update is crap and has ruined my wife’s phone it looks like theres enough issues there should be a lawsuit involved here destroy our phones and tell us oops can’t help u more data used less WiFi and half of the apps no longer work Verizon you bombed this one Razr M VERY DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER

  • Marie B.

    Where is my swipe keyboard??? I am not pleased!

  • anotherpissedoff droidmaxxowner

    change my os back!!!!! you bastards!!! it was perfectly fine before….and all my text messages came through before this shitty “update” .i bought the phone because i liked the way it was …not this useless crap….the wi-fi does’nt even work properly.. WTH??!?!??!!

  • E. Wolf

    Brought my last droid because of the swype input. Next phone will not be a droid due to eliminating this option. Very disappointing first impression.

  • Shannon

    I also hate the loss of Swype — the main reason I chose the Razr M. I also dislike the change to texting — the color differentiation was great. So, as suggested here, I have downloaded the Google keyboard — not perfect, but at least I can “swype”. I also downloaded the Textra app and like it — easy to setup — I’ve got my color differentiation.

    I have to agree with almost all here — why take away things that kept customers — I have also resisted going to iPhone because I “like” the Android OS — but, if you keep doing away with the differences — there won’t be any reason for your customer base to stick around….

  • Beth

    Got updated to KitKat the other day. HATE IT! Do not like the new look. My phone is MUCH slower than before. I’m not happy Swype is gone. There are many little things that are changed that frustrates me. I ended up getting the Google keyboard-which I still don’t like as much. Anyone have suggestions for the speed of my phone? It keeps freezing and is so slow compared to before the update happened. I have a Droid Razr Maxx HD. UUGGGHHHH


  • Erik

    Horrible update. Text construction less flexible, text message appearance less robust, photo gallery completely blacks out at times, and several other disappointing changes. Anyone know how to revert back to the system revision just previous to this update?? I have a droid razor maxx HD…

  • Kevin

    I will never understand how manufacturers and service providers think it’s OK to change the look and feel of my device with an “update.” It’s MY device. Mine! I bought it! Hands off! Updates should fix bugs, add new functionality, and improve existing functionality. Updates should NOT remove or worsen existing functionality and should NOT change the overall look of my basic apps. Take away Swype? Change my dark themed SMS app to plain, ugly, white background with no alternating colors? No return key… Are you serious? Completely change the Settings interface? And more. They’ve changed some of the reasons I bought this phone! What the hell is wrong with these idiots? I’ve never owned an iPhone but I will soon if they don’t fix this crap.

  • Bob

    Have a Droid HD Razr Maxx– after the kitkat update a number of problems surfaced. First, now everytime I get a text message, the notification in the clock will not go away unless I access the message from the clock– meaning even if I go into txt messaging and read the msg, unless I access it through the clock, the notification remains there.

    Also, the “sound on / sound off” option is no longer available on the lock screen. The only way to access the silent option is to activate the main button when the screen is on, and the silent & vibrate options appear along with the power-down option. However if you select the silent (or vibrate) option, and then go back and select sound-on, both the ringtones and notification sounds remain muted– even though you de-select the silent option. You have to go back in and manually slide those sound values back up.

    Finally, even with the Dolphin browser, pinched text to a larger size does not always refit to the screen size, in fact in many cases it does not. The browser (even Chrome) does not appear to work as well in this update as before. Previously surfing the net was a relatively smooth experience– now sites seem slow to respond to manipulation of text size and movement.

    All in all, a rather lame update– seems to have caused more problems than it alleviated.

  • Costas

    First things first. Razr M running 4.4.2

    Do NOT like new messaging all white screen.
    Reset notification sounds (SMS, phone call)
    WiFi reception worse not improved
    All white notification bar. Really?
    Single white LED for text, email, etc. Again, really?
    Don’t use Swype so…
    And finally the worst of them all (for me) now Ford Sync in my truck says text over bluetooth on my phone isn’t supported. Been using for almost 2 yrs until update.

    Went through a factory reset to see if would connect back to Sync but no go. Oh, and the update also reset my bluetooth id as I had changed it something more personalized. Resetting personalizations? Ok a PITA but why? Granted after the factory reset I had to do it all again but this time I was used to it.

    I love my Razr M but if something isn’t fixed I’ll have to switch to, don’t say it, an iPhone. :{

  • Costas

    There are other items as well like occasional clock notifications don’t clear, Enter key no longer there, have had a couple of text come in but not show up in Messaging so can’t clear the “new message” without deleting all threads

    I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting but the Sync issue…

  • amgrr

    The only good thing about this update is that my battery charge is lasting longer. No swype …I didn’t use it, so that doesn’t really bother me, but ivam irritated that I don’t have the option to keep Google talk…I HATE hangouts. My kindle app keeps crashing for some reason, my alarms changed to a very grating sound, the keypad is a major downgrade, and my texts aren’t coming through in group messages unless I restart my phone, and then they come in the wrong order. I am also not loving the Wi-Fi indicator not being blue. Now I understand how all the iPhone people feel when they are put out by shoddy “updates”…I am not a fan.

  • Damian Alexandroni

    Absolutely Hate the update, wtf are’emojis and why do I need them. I liked the old Smiley’s. I hate the new alarm clock set up. Loved the way it was. Tap to snooze now I have to swipe left or right to dismiss. My ringtones are messed up or gone. Among other things like swipe to text, voice to text. All the great features are gone I want my old keyboard back I liked my old messenger better… Long story short.. I want my old phone back! Please tell us how to reverse this update!!

  • G Amnott

    Motorola really screwed this one up. They took away Swype and gave us an inferior alternative (Google keyboard). My group texting doesn’t work right either. I called motorola help a couple times and they’re no help. I spent most of my time spelling my name for the customer service rep in El Salvador. Will be interesting to see if motorola fixes this or not.

  • mm

    Worst upgrade ever! I agree with everything said about the changes in display and texting. But even worse, my battery barely lasts 8 hours! Before the upgrade it went 12+ hours depending on how much I used it that day. Also my phone gets really hot and I have to turn it off to let it cool down. I’m so glad I was forced to “upgrade” to a part-time phone. I WILL NEVER BUY MOTOROLA AGAIN!!! MOTOROLA NEEDS TO FIX THIS NOW!!!

  • Olav Raspitviz

    Get 4.4 KitKat on any android device without rooting! Works with incompatible devices also!

  • John

    My phone updated, but when it updated it will give me notifications from text messages from everyone except one person in my contacts. How do I fix this?

  • Edith

    This sux! They took away swype and the easy access lock screen :( :( :( And they took away being able to hold the letter key to get the special characters. Sure it’s faster But I really liked those features….

    • Edith

      Also every single text refuses to clear from the clock circle>:(

  • cheri h.

    Hate the update, make it go away!!! My contact pics are now gone, my green and blue colors are gone. Can’t see a phone icon to call, just have to guess where it is. Even the ABC’s on right of contact list is gone. Many of the icons are not showing up up because colors are missing so I have to keep stabbing at my screen hoping to eventually hit what I need.

  • Court

    I LOATHE this update!!! The keyboard is smaller, the stupid emoji key takes place of the return key, the comma key is moved to the back, colors are jacked… I can go from 4G to ZERO service just by changing positions and takes forever to get signal back..
    All around SHITTY update!!!

    • Court

      I didn’t even mention the quick function lock screen is now gone & the helpful search letters in the contact list are gone. No more long press for special characters. I’m not getting all my txt notifications. My battery isn’t lasting as long. I can’t tell if my Wi-Fi is @ full signal or trying to connect bc if the white… Oh and at some point I had a text not go through. I know this bc the icon is on my txt screen, but unlike before the update, it is NOT beside the actual text so I don’t kbiw what to resend & I cannot remove the icon…

  • JA

    The worst ,”upgrade” Not sure if you’re a teenage geek, don’t want to make assumptions, but this “upgrade” has pretty much taken work functions away. This is now become another junior HS social media phone. Totally understand demographics, but this is ridiculous. Love Droid, very disappointed from a business standpoint.

  • Kiley

    How do I get rid of the notifications? It says I have 24 unread messages when I have read them all. I do not have any unread messages yet it still is saying 24 on my home screen in the messages icon

    • Sam

      Restart your phone. Same thing has happened to me more often when I’m receiving a group or picture message which I can’t even receive at all. But then that damn orange unviewed number of texts is there and won’t go away unless I restart my phone. Annoying but affective

  • ashley

    How come I can’t swype with the new update?!

  • paul

    As has been said in multiple comments, this update blows chunks! I did not have an option to delay the download; it was pushed on me without notification or warning. Since the update, battery life is horrible. Having to swipe when I unlock the phone?! Ridiculous! I didn’t use swype when texting but then I never saw the need to speed-type while texting so that is not an issue. White background in the text messages sucks; I can figure out which are sent and which are received but color differences were a much better method. What irritates me most is I no longer have a notification sound when I receive text messages. It’s set to chime in the settings panel but just does not work. Nice work Motorola. Push down an update that is so crappy and untested that you actually downgrade your product. When can we expect a patch?

  • Dave Salerno

    I agree that this update is horrible!! Truly sucks. Who asked them to mess up the sounds and things that I had set the way I wanted. Getting rid of Swype is an obvious ploy to make more money by making us pay extra for it. Shame on Android. I would drop it tomorrow if I wasn’t in a contract.

  • jackie keegan

    Not pleased with new update..My WiFi used to turn on by itself now I have to turn it on manually also my notifacation led light used to blink green for SMS and MSM now it blinks white … Emails were purple don’t blink at all now..Its ok also don’t like the new text screen.

  • Liz

    How do I answer the darn phone????????????

  • kathy

    This update is awful….text all white and hard to read. Bring back my old phone. Also no way to turn off apps so draining battery

  • dinosaur

    I HATE this new upgrade. I hate the keyboard, hate how there’s a stupid smiley button that I keep accidentally hitting. Hate the little microphone button I keep accidentally hitting too. Hate how they made the keyboard keys SMALLER. Hate how somehow it’s taken up over 50$ of my storage space. Hate all of these unusable apps that I can’t fucking uninstall. Verizon cloud? Google cloud? Amazon apps. I’ve never used Amazon. Never will. Please. For the love of god. I just want a phone that doesn’t have a bunch of crap clogging up my battery and storage. I seriously NEVER used any of them and never will. I literally have 4 apps I’ve downloaded myself. Went to download an app, and surprise! I don’t have enough room. Cuzza all this shit they install on your phone. I’m seriously tired of all this paid advertisers and companies forcing crap down our throats. Here’s a list of apps I can not uninstall, never wanted, and will never use:
    Amazon kindle
    Amazon mp3
    Amazon app store
    Droid zap
    Google +
    Google hangouts
    Movie studio
    NFL move
    Google photos
    Play games
    Play movies
    Play newsstand
    Slacker radio
    Smart action

    I mean for fucks sake. Isn’t that a little much? Literally can not even download any apps I actually want. So tired of this. Literally about to get a landline and a pager. What the fuck is the point? Oh no I can’t google that one actors name anymore? Seriously. Going rogue once this phone kicks it.

  • Rebecca Tully

    I really am not a fan of KitKat!

    I want Swype back! The only feature that seems better is the voice text which I am using more often because you took away Swype. Give it back

  • Alg

    Swype is gone. I have to have my screen locked or I butt dial people. This new update is not amazing. It SUCKS!! You screwed up. You should not have to take away amazing stuff to add crap.

  • Sam

    Ever since this new update on my Droid razr m I can’t receive picture messages or group messages. When I click on green messenger showing an unviewed msg once I get into app there are NO new messages. If I pull down notification bar and click on name I get sent to making a brand new message plus I can pull notification down two or three times before it leaves top of screen and everytime I get sent to brand new message starter. After this when on the home screen if it was a group msg then the green messenger will have the orange number of unviewed msgs as the number of people that the group msg was sent to. If it was a picture message then it will only show a one as unviewed msgs. Also after I look at messages they will stay up in the circle widget and won’t go away unless I click on it. Even if I flip the circle back to the time anytime I do anything else on phone the last msg I received will show up in the circle and I have to continuously click on it or flip circle back. None of things happened before the 4.4.2 Android update

    • Sam

      And not to mention the fact that my phones battery life has changed. And the fact that there are all these other apps that I never downloaded, that I never use, and take up all this extra space so I can’t download any apps that I actually want and am going to use. Not to mention the fact that I have an error thing pop up for amazon kindle telling me its not working at least once a day and can’t delete the damn app. If an app is added to my phone or is taking up storage space when I don’t even use it or want it there then I should be able to get rid of it.
      Play games
      Play newsstand
      Play movies
      Droid zap
      NFL play
      Google hangouts
      Movie studio
      These are just a few of the things that I NEVER USE and never will I want them gone!!
      Next issue would be the stupid Smiley button which is completely unnecessary. What happened to my colored messages. Why isn’t my gingerbread keyboard the one I use when texting its way better than this crap new keyboard. Glad I at least have it for everything else I do on my phone.

      All in all this update is horrible I love my droids but this is horrible makes me not want this phone anymore and switch to apple or a phone that is actually going to work.


  • RyanR34

    My friend did this update and it wrecked his phone. It has been popping up daily for me to do and I keep clicking no. Well last night I was in the middle of a game on my phone and it popped up while was clicking and I hit install. I was do upset. New update is the eordt thing that has happened to this phone. Less service and data. No more more swipe. No more left right up down arrows on keyboatd to help you go back and correct spelling mistakes. And that’s bs that now I have to buy swipe back…. Only thing I will be buying is a new phone…. For the first time in 11 years it won’t be a Motorola. Great job!

  • Tom Jr.

    My phone has been mess up after 4.4.2 upgrade. It work just fine before now a brick. I say quit buying Motorola and Android products.
    3 million dollar Corps and they send this out and called it a up grade, shame shame shame on all 3 Verison, Motorola, Android.

    We are your customer not a test pattern for your techs. I say call them everyday til they fix our problems.

    we pay alot of money to get this kid of customer service. fix our phones.

  • Carol Saunders

    After update to Razr M, eyboard says App not installed. Installed Google Keyboard from Play Store. But, it still says App not installed.

  • Siobhan Stack

    Hate the update for Razr M! Battery drain, dislike white background on text. I could live with these two, but the list goes on: apps not working, spotty cell & internet availability, constant pop ups saying ” fill in the blank has stopped working”, contacts that I call up to text or phone disappear and the last caller/texter shows up. I’ve sent a few texts inadvertently due to this, and am tired of opening my recent texts or calls to have to back out of conversations before I can start a new one.

    Phone is no longer reliable. New contract in a few months and it could be the moment where I go to the other side. Fix this stuff please…..I used to LOVE this phone!

  • Farid Dergal

    I have porblems with data transfer, when I turn it on baterry drains very fast and the phone gets warm, and some times the phone reboots by it own, etc, is a mess.
    I talked to Motorola about this issue, and they adressed me with the technicial, now they will install the old 4.1.2, but they will charge me 40 usd.
    Better than having kitkat

  • Gina Jourard

    Why did I upgrade? Big mistake. I hate the look. My swype is gone.I have to agree this is more of a downgrade.usually upgrade means adding on to what you already have. Not taking away stuff. I hate the keyboard look don’t like the texting look.the toolbar on top its boring.
    how do I get my old one back

  • Tiffany

    I am usually one that LOVES when my phone updates because it’s almost like having a new phone without the renewed contract…. NOT so this time!!!! I hate it!!!! My battery life is worse. My Wi-Fi isn’t as good as it used to be. The new texting is bad! The all white notifiers are a pain… Especially in light of the fact that three Wi-Fi is worse. My phone now has more of an apple feel now… I HATE that!!!! I stay with Android because I love it. If I wanted apple I would get an iPhone!!!!

  • mundu

    I do not like the white background in text messaging hard to differentiate between sent and incoming messages. Please give us some color between the two. Key board seems to be smaller also.

  • carolm

    I don’t like the fact that I can no longer delete multiple messages in the text section. I can delete a whole conversation, but I sometimes like to keep parts of the conversation. I use to be able just touch and hold.

  • steve

    Just wait until you get the thrill of the on/off button not working. I have seen this problem, on other forums, from numerous people. The only way I can turn on the screen is to plug the phone into a charger, use a Bluetooth to start a call then immediately stop the call, or do a hard reboot ( which of course uses the down volume button and the on/off button so the actual, physical button works just fine ). The reboot does not fix the problem.
    Great update Motorola. My RAZR M worked perfectly before, now, not so much. Won’t be buying a Motorola anytime soon and it may be time to switch carriers too since Verizon doesn’t give a rats tail about long time customers ( over 10 years for me ).

  • raider77

    Ever since this update I have wanted to take a hammer to this piece of junk RAZR m . Can’t wait until October for my upgrade and get an iPhone.

  • Norma

    I hate the new update so many things changed or removed the notification like is white in brod day light can’t even notice it’s blinking vibration changed no more long vibration instead we get short little ones the color of the text can’t tell them apart and so on ……….. Why droid ? Please fix all this things yes you gave us emoji which most already had the free app but you took away so many great things please fix!!!!

  • Aden

    This new update caused my messaging app to crash. It will no longer open. I have a DROID RAZR M. I was excited that I finally got an update for my phone. Now I regret clicking on yes.

  • DjB

    You cannot go back to your original operating system. I called about this with my old HTC Thunderbolt and they told me that once the new operating system is installed you are stuck with it. This also applies with any verizon phone that installs a newer operating system. Verizon does this to all their phones that are about two years old. This is a way for them to force you to purchase a newer phone, which puts more money in their pocket.

  • Shaker

    I wish that I wouldn’t have updated to kitkat on my Razr Maxx HD

    In the past was always excited to get updates, but this time around several things seemed to get worse that I use all the time just for a few changes that are decent, but I feel not needed.

    Some gripes:

    Pin code lockscreen lags horribly…really annoying
    The keyboard keys did get smaller
    Don’t like that cant have multiple SMS apps in use at one time
    Apps crash all the time
    google maps crashes all the time
    Battery dies much faster
    Might be crazy, but seems like I get worse cell coverage (could be our friends at Verizon here)

    I tried doing the reset hoping that I could get the old system back, but to no avail

  • Mike Murray

    Is it possible to get the names and email addresses of the morons who decided that deleting text
    messages one at a time is a BETTER idea?

  • Jonathan chadwick

    Your update fucked my phone up. Battery life sucks now cant space out text because my enter button is gone and replaced with a smilies face. Cant just hang up anymore now got to go through a bunch of steps you guys are fucking stupid oh yeah and no service fix this bs

  • rabia

    I cannot receive a any messages or calls on my Motorola droid is the my phone problem or the sim card. Plz help

  • Alfredo

    How do I in update this I don’t like it?

  • CP

    This update is awful. I don’t even want to use my phone anymore…it’s so depressing.

    So many user friendly attributes are gone…as well as something as basic as moving the position of the Day/Date on the initial screen into the center- in a less attractive font.

    Keyboard is horrific
    Notification bar now shows white
    No multiple delete/protect of texts
    No differentiation of texts by color
    Indicator light LED no longer green- now white
    No ez alphabet in margin of Contacts List

    ANDROID is supposed to offer me CHOICES not this.

  • mad @ KitKat

    I hate that my RAZR maxx HD use to have the best battery. Thanks to KitKat its now the worst!!

  • Brianna Leigh

    Just found out that my damn Razr M won’t be receiving the new lollipop update. Like are you kidding me. Motorola sucks enough. Like why can’t you suck less and put it on all phones. Considering I have this piece of crap until November and the Kit Kat update fucked my back camera up and shit.