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Motorola releases official bootloader unlock for Moto E

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The Moto E is perfect for several types of users thanks to its $129 price tag. Some will love it because of its the low cost, which will allow them to finally upgrade from a featurephone. Some will buy it for their young kids as a first smartphone because they won’t have to worry about it getting seriously damaged. And some will buy it as a second phone to tinker with.

If you’re a power user who wants a Moto E just to see what you can do with it, today is your lucky day. Continuing its support of the developer community, Motorola has released an official bootloader unlock tool for the Moto E, allowing you to do whatever you’d like with the device. And with such low specs, some serious modding could make this phone much better than it is right now.

I’m actually pretty stoked to see what developers can do with the Moto E. I’ve seen devices absolutely transformed thanks to modifications made by regular people, so the Moto E definitely has some awesome stuff in store. Will you be buying a Moto E, and if so, will you unlock it? Tell us in the comments!

Via: XDA-Developers

Source: Motorola

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    A new boot loader unlock for a phone marketed towards new Android users and likely children and the newest consumer edition droids are still on lock… Come on. How about some unlock love for your old, faithful customers, Moto?